I wonder about Israel and the Jews

After reading the other thread on the state of Israel, I kinda got to thinking… always dangerous for me. Anyway, I started pondering the troubles the Jews have faced over the centuries. Kings and Chronicles on the rulers: “He did evil in the sight of the Lord”. All of the stuff about being a “stiff-necked people”. What is actually going on here? Then it dawned on me. Maybe they are the “chosen people”, but the question is chosen for what?

Perhaps they were chosen not because they were holy but because they were rebellious and belecose. Except for maybe the Gypsies, they were and still are among the least liked people on Earth. They still provoke every other ethnic group on the planet. God must have seen this comming. I am starting to think that they were intended to serve as a bad example. The Old Testement should be subtitled, “Don’t Let This Happen to You”.

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