I wonder if God's justice will equal the amount of deaths due to abortion?

The virus might have a catastrophic result for the USA…time will tell.

I don’t know the mind of God, but I don’t know why he’d use a disease that would kill the very innocent unborn He intends to reap justice on behalf of if this is His plan.


I try to avoid this line of thinking - it can get dangerously close to viewing disaster and tragedy as a good thing - as being Gods will. I don’t think it is for us to assume that death and disease is Gods punishment against the unjust, as this can lead to us not helping the victims for fear of interfering with Gods will, or worse, Christians actually being happy that a disaster is happening since it means that God is ‘punishing’ the unjust. God will bring perfect justice to all, but that doesn’t mean that it will be meted out in this life.

Viewing disaster as being Gods will seems pretty scandalous to me, and does little to bring people to the faith. If anything it is a huge turnoff for nonbelievers.


I don’t know the mind of God either. Why would a loving God not prevent the death of innocent baby boys by the hand of Herod? Mothers who watched the slaughter of their child. Innocent children. Why does he not protect the unborn from cruel murder?

The short answer is free will. Even evil people have free will, and the abuse of it leads to great evil and suffering. But without free will true Love is impossible. It is a double-edged sword.

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I think that God’s justice will definitely take place over the tragic issue of abortion, and I pray that His mercy triumphs even over His justice. However, I believe we should never speculate on whether any worldly tragedy is a manifestation of God’s justice for a particular sin. It could be, but we just don’t know. The Gospel story of Jesus’ comments on the tower that fell and crushed some people helps in this regard. Things happen, but those affected are not necessarily the worst sinners.


I have a feeling it will be worse than that. Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.

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Actually, from the 2014 stats, North America has the lowest abortion rate in the world and the third from lowest percentage of abortions:

Another interesting survey of the world stats:

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Numbers mean little here. The deliberate killing of even one innocent child in the womb is a sin crying to God for vengeance. Cain, where is your brother?


exactly, God could be yelling into the minds of people who do evil… “No, Don’t. I have something better for you. Turn from evil. Turn to Me. Don’t do it. I’m here. Don’t, Come turn to Me. I can fix this.” and the person simple ignores Him. :cry: :cry:

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