I would appreciate help regarding finding a house/land next to a Monastery in Europe

I would like if you could help me find some land with a house next to a Monastery in a European Catholic country as in Italy/Portugal/Ex Yugoslavia/Spain etc…

For rent or to purchase if not expensive

it is to follow a spiritual path

The Monastery and adjacent land and house would ideally be located on a plateau up in the hills/mountains…away from populated areas , in order to follow a mystical, spiritual life of prayer

The Monatery is ideal for spiritual direction and daily Masses, that is why I would like the land to be near to it. The land self sufficient as I intend to live off the grid.

It is my dream, I haven´t found anything yet.

I hope you can help me

Thanking you all in Advance

Maria M.

If you have any links or direct addresses or information I would prefer if you PM me rather than post it in the thread for privacy reasons.

Thank you

Sounds lovely. Peaceful. Calming.

I think it will be

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