I would give anything for my fertility


I just wanted to vent as it’s one of those things that creeps up a few times a year… I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000.l knew for years prior that I had fertility probs based on the ENTIRE 4 periods I had in 2 years. I have struggled with this fertility issue several times since 2000. I conceived our daughter with help of Clomid/Parlodil/Glucophage combo of drugs. I do NOT ovulate at all. I do NOT even produce 1/4 of the natural estrogen needed to maintain normal “female” function. Without drugs, I will be lucky to have one period in a year. I am severely overweight because of the insulin resistance associated with PCOS. Friends tell me I’m LUCKY when I cry over all this. I will probably never have another child even though my husband and I always wanted a large Catholic family. I feel as if our family will never be complete.The docs say that next time will probably require IVF which I won’t do because of “litter risk” and won’t terminate. I dream of being one of those fertile types. Ironically, I was adopted because mom was infertile too. EVERYONE asks when the next child is coming, and it’s exhausting having to tell people about the struggle I went through for one. If you are fertile, please consider yourself lucky. I know that NFP can be a pain, but at least you still have the gift of fertility. twk


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I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I do not have much advise or words that can comfort you, simply saying that I will pray may not be of much comfort. I pray that God, in His own special way reveals to you a way that you can give all that love that you have for children to them.



**I very much know what you mean. :console:

My husband and I seemingly cannot have children. We don’t have any. It hurts so very much. More than any one who hasn’t gone through it themselves will ever know. :frowning: It is a struggle day in and day out. A daily cross to carry. Without my faith, I wouldn’t make it. It is the only thing that keeps me going through it all. :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me if you ever want to chat. :thumbsup: Sometimes it just helps to talk it out a while. There is also a sticky on this family life forum “infertility.” You can meet lots of very supportive couples with these same struggles on there.

But, believe me, I know it hurts like heck. :frowning:

God bless and keep you. :slight_smile:


**I too am sorry for your struggles. We all have our crosses to bear but some are just so much bigger (or seem that way at least) than others. I personally have not struggled with infertility but, thanks to posters like you, have a much deeper understanding of the pain and suffering it causes.

You have my prayers:gopray2:



You can fight your PCOS, by loosing weight you can help your ovaries do their natural function much better. It is extremely difficult, but very important, not just for your fertility but health in general. Low carbs, a lot of fibers and exercise.
I will pray for you, that the Lord gives peace to you and your family.


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