I would like a bit of help

I would like a bit of help in knowing if you think this is grave matter.

I told my mum of a fault that my cousin did.

My cousin said some comments i didn’t like about my Grandmother. towards my brother and his girlfriend.

I told my mum what he said and that i stayed out of it but next time if he does it again I am going to tell him off.

Does anyone here think I comitted detraction and is detraction always mortal. Or is it only mortal if it affect the person in someway like he finds out i told somebaody what he said.

I found this

A person is guilty of detraction if he, “without objectively valid reason, discloses another’s faults and failings to persons who did not know them.”

My mum know my cousin so is it still detraction.

Well, if that’s all a sin, then everybody on the forum who also comes on here would be committing detraction, practically. Some come on here for help…some only to vent. Would that mean all the people who vent are guilty of sin?

We all say things we should not say. That is life. Some may be a sin, but when it comes to only things we say I see it in this way: words do hurt, but what we say in “the heat of the moment” are like dreams, we can’t really control what we say. Anger though is a sin, but not all anger. Christ was angry when He saw what people did in The Temple in Jerusalem. Did He sin? Of course not. Was the anger real? Yes. Was it anger in “the right” place? Yes. We have a right to be angry. So what should you do? Learn this: What is “just” anger? Anger you feel and show toward the DEED, not THE PERSON WHO DID IT. (Something you will learn when you get kids.) God judge us, but we can judge up to a point, namely, judge the DEED, not THE PERSON who do the DEED.

I reckon you want to confess? Do it, and keep in mind that confession is more then only tell what you have done. It is a moment of spiritual advises. You learn what is right, and also that all is not sin. So did you sin? If you feel you really did, you did. When we feel bad we do so for a reason, in this case you feel bad so tell it to a priest. There is no specific list of all sins, only a guide line, the rest is up to us. That is why it is so important to listen for a answer when you pray. God made us all a bit different, so we feel different about some things. Think about it like this, all of us are not brave, but that is not a sin, God made some to be brave and some to not be. So if you feel bad, confess, even if it may not be any reason to confess, it do cleanse our soul and it is always right to confess, sinner or not.

thanks for all the advice.

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