I would like some opnions about "The power and the glory"by Graham Greene

I am wondering about whether I should read "The power and the glory"by Graham Greene.When I looked it up on wikipedia I found out it was kind contreversial but in 1965 when Graham Greene meet Pope Paul VI he said “Mr. Greene, some aspects of your books are certain to offend some Catholics, but you should pay no attention to that.” .How offensive is it?.I have already read “Brave new world”,“Les Miserables” and “The catcher in the rye”(that last one was because I had to for school).“Brave new world” has some explict content and there are few parts (particulary one of the last few chapters where John and Mustapha Mond are having a deep conversation) that some might find offensive because of what is said about religion while both “Les Miserables” and “the catcher in the rye” both have some parts that are offensive to religion.Is “The power and the glory” any more or less offensive then those other three books?.I am just wondering.

Hi, Track: I enjoy the book very much. The book explores the way in which we find redemption, after serious sin. If you are strong in your faith, and well sufficiently well formed in your understanding of doctrine, you will enjoy the book.

Power & Glory does not hold out happy prospects like Catcher in the Rye. The book addresses serious sin, brutality, and how evil seems to triumph over good. We’re not talking “Flying Nun” here. But if you know your catechism and the Gospels, read away!

I think that is a very well thought out reply & one I would agree with.
One of my children was actually assigned this book to read in a Catholic high school.I don’t know that it’s appropriate really for that age group, but it’s a well written book & worth the read.Graham Greene was a great author.

Hi, Mom: I read the book after college, when I was in the Navy. I re-read it when my son was a senior in HS. We talked about it alot. For young people without much worldly experience, it would be best to read this book under the guidance of an older Catholic, imo:)

I agree. Otherwise it becomes mis-read as just another example of a priest as a sinner/hypocrite, and that’s not the object of the story at all.

Hello:Sort of new guy.This is not specificaly about Greenes book.Question I am asking about another one.Only reason I am on this site is I cant get my query in anyplace else…Here goes:anyone here have insight on The Shack??? Thanks

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