I would like to ask for two prayers, please


Prayer 1 is for the husband of a friend who is having tests on Monday; he had a major heart event a year ago and they are hoping to retire in August. If the tests are good; they’re good to go. Please pray that all will be well.

Prayer 2 is for my mother, who is having tests on Tuesday; she has what is known as AAA (an abdominal aortic aneurysm) and this major test will pretty much tell us if the aneurysm can be operated on. If not, the odds are that at virtually any time it could rupture and in about 80% of those cases death is almost instantaneous. Please pray that, God willing, all will be well for her also.


Done my dear friend.


Tatum ergo prayers going out for your friends husband, My husband just had that exact operation for the AAA 6 weeks ago that your mother has, She is in my prayers also!:gopray:


I am SO sorry to hear all of this. God be with you in these difficult times.

Prayers for your mother and friend.

God bless you all! :slight_smile:


Prayer 1 - done - may all good results be given for peace and comfort for the family and long lasting good health.

Prayer 2 - my mother had an AAA many years ago and is doing fine. May your mother’s medical team be guided by God’s loving and compassionate hands. God bless her and heal her worried heart and health.


Prayers for both situations.


Praying for your intentions!

~~ the phoenix


Prayers on their way. :gopray2:


I am praying for your intentions today.:gopray2:

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