I would like to hear from those descerning the priesthood


We can at least pray for you.


It should read Hear


Waiting for responses.


I am! I’m not sure what else you’d like me to say :slight_smile:


Yes if we had all of the names of those discerning a vocation to the Priesthood or Consecrated Religious Life we could pray for all of you on the list. Thanks for those who list their names.


If we can get a list, we can private message the group and support one another. I have started the list and will include you when I set it up. :grinning:


I’m contemplating a Monastic life.


put me on the list


AWESOME keep the names coming.


I think some people think I am not allowed to be a priest.


I am! :slight_smile: I think you already knew; am I already added to the list?


I am discerning the priesthood, and am quite convinced that it is my calling.


Why would you say that?


The Holy Spirit sure is working here. THANK YOU LORD!


I would greatly appreciate being added to the prayer list, especially as I am presently torn between two diocese to apply to, my home one and one 300 miles away where I am studying, and need all the help from above I can get in making the decision.

I will of course be praying for the rest of the people on the list.


A GREAT prayer for discernment.


That’s a beautiful prayer. It should be posted on all threads asking about vocational discernment. :heart:


I love being able to connect with people of the same interests!


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