I would like to reignite my faith

What books do you all recommend?

Thank you all in advance, and JMJ

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Buy “ Imitation of Christ “ - large print - read it out loud -


Good book! Thank you, and sorry for the other day

“The Life of Christ” by Ven. Bishop Fulton Sheen!


Matthew Kelly is a great author of devotional Catholic books. They’re not like the apologetic materials Catholic Answers has to offer. Their purpose is to help improve your spirituality similar to more protestant publications such as “Jesus Calling” (which I haven’t actually read, but it’s one of the most popular ones).

Specifically, I’d recommend Rediscover Jesus. I read that the Christmas of my reversion, and it meant so much to me. It still does (now that I think of it, I’ll probably read it tonight). I read it before I had even gotten into the New Testament or was familiar with any book in the Bible aside from Genesis, and it was still powerful enough to propel me through my reversion.

I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

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I’m checking out the previews of each book that has been recommended to me on Amazon. Thank you all! Keep them coming!

If you can, try making a retreat at a monastery.


Sounds like a good idea! Thank you

Liturgy of the Hours (Laudate app) or the Christian Prayer version.

THIS IS THE FAITH by Canon Francis Ripley {TAN publishing}

Unabridged Christianity by Father Mario P. Romero {Queenship publishing}


Easter Blessings,

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Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to get the physical copy of the Liturgy of the Hours. Thank you!

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It depends on what your are currently interested in.

But also, for reigniting your faith. Write in a journal if you dont already.

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I am having such an amazing experience with the Liturgy of the Hours. To my total surprise.

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I apologize for the late reply, everyone. I thank you all for the suggestions, and I haven’t kept a journal in years. I’d like to know how to go about writing one. Thank you in advance


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If you are looking for a scientific/philosophical approach, then I would recommend John C. Lennox - God’s undertaker: Has science buried God?

Lennox is a Mathematician from Oxford and has a degree in Bioethics as well, so he goes beyond that regular scope “God exists…” and shows how the belief in His existence changes everything.

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Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn. His conversion story helped bring me back to the church and I read it when I need to refocus my life

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Thank you very much again, everyone!

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