I would love to have an Douay-Rheims New American parallel bible

why has no catholic publisher put this one together yet.

Another edition I would love is a catholic edition of The Word — 26 translation which — protestant edition uses king james phrase by phrase with related phrases from other translations under the king james prhase.

problem is even if such editions existed I likely would not be able to afford them since I have no job.

Is the new American translation a good one? I read a few verses once, and it seemed so different from what i was used to.

Try this one.


Hope you have enough paper and can find a reasonable binder. :slight_smile:

Oxford publishes, ‘The Catholic Comparative New Testament’ which compares eight Catholic translations of the N.T. side by side (including the Rheims N.T. and the NAB N.T.).

It is the translation that is used in Mass in the USA.

Is the NAB the most current translation from a different text group of DR?

NAB sounds like a committee report. Meh.

I have my Dad’s Bible from the 50s. I would love a Confraternity 1969 Bible. It is a rare jewel.


why is that catholic parallel bible so expensive, I doubt anyone can afford it.

Wow… I can’t imagine why there are no reviews… lol

Catholic Comparative New Testament-PR-RSV/NRSV/Douay-Rheims/Nab/Gnt/Jb/NJB By Oxford University Press


there does not appear to be an OT edition yet.

I just own the NAB, the Catholic RSV and the DR separately. When I do my daily readings, I usually flip between the three. When I was Presbyterian, I used a Protestant Bible that had KJV, NIV, Amplified and NASB (my favorite). Trouble was, to make it a reasonable size the print was awfully small! I am still not crazy about the NAB translation, finding it easily understand but quite wooden-like the NASB-but the notes are super and much superior to the Douay-Rheims. Plus, the DR has those unusual book names and the Psalms numbering is off by today’s practice! Still love reading it for its beauty, though. . .

Confraternity version is from 1941 forward (it took a while). They are readily available on eBay. I bought one, in nice condition, for a buck.

Have you ever read the TEV aka Good News catholic edition or the more recent CEV?

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