I would love to use the kneeling railing to receive


I have been wondering, what it would be like, if we had ONE Mass a month, where we could all go up to the kneeling railing to kneel and receive there.

I sit up front all the time and our basilica has a kneeling railing. I’m a new Catholic, but my husband has always been Catholic. He talks about doing this in his growing up years PVII.

Is there anyone else who would love to have the option to do this?


You can kneel to receive


We have kneeling rails and we use them.Love it!!


Read the Instruction Memoriale Domini by Pope Paul VI :wink:

And while the US has a special dispensation from the Holy See for people to receive standing and on the hand, the 2011 GIRM specifies one is free to receive kneeling and on the tongue (as it was done for centuries).

As far as priests go, they are free to implement this (unless serious pastoral reasons suggest avoiding it). I personally know one who has done this and people responded very devoutly and reverently. And I know people who have never attended Mass in the Extraordinary Form and yet told me they always receive the Lord kneeling and on the tongue, and they couldn’t do so otherwise.

Then again, a very humble priest once told me that the disposition of the heart is fundamental, though the kneeling posture and reception on the tongue inspire us to greater reverence.

But one Mass a month? We need Him daily!! :slight_smile:



Yes, I love this idea. We’re lucky enough to be able to attend an EF once in awhile and receiving at the altar rail is fantastic - much better than the conga line experience at our OF parish. I’m with you.


No no. Not one Mass a month! I meant everyone going to the communion rail to receive once a month, and normal the rest of the time. :slight_smile:

Yes, we could receive kneeling, but it seems like it’s discouraged. I guess what I’m talking about is actually going up to the railing and receiving in a line there.


You are very lucky. I would LOVE this!


Sadly, it’s very much discouraged. I have only seen one person do this and I’m sure she was told to go first for this reason. She always attends early morning weekday Mass, as I do also, and she sits near the back, but when the time comes, she slips up the isle first, then everyone follows. I love this about her! But we were told in RCIA that it’s very much discouraged. :((
I’d love to have one Mass a month/week (even better) set aside for kneeling at the railing so that we are not just one person signaled out.


There is a parish not far from me where I go for daily mass if I can take the noon mass where everyone kneels at the rail. Fifty fifty on receiving in hand or not. You can usually see for or 5 mantillas. If I have to go for the 5:30 pm mass instead I go to a parish that is more modern normal.

After going thru RCIA in my parish, my first trip to this parish was a wee bit confusing, since they were having a mostly latin mass. The old priest does that when he can. The younger ones don’t.

Anyway its fascinating.


Because before 2011 the GIRM suggested that the way to receive Communion in US was standing and those who knelt needed to receive pastoral care.

Things now have changed.


I have NEVER received communion while kneeling. Yes, other parishes upcountry adopt that practice, but my local one, plus the main headquarters of our main diocese where I usually attend mass give communion while standing.

What I’ll say on this is, do as the Romans do in Rome. If you’ll attend mass with kneelers for you to receive communion, then go ahead. If you’ll all form an orderly queue, then do the same. I’ve seen a few people actually kneel before the priest to receive - which is very confusing. (Understandable though as
many churchgoers are students who’ve come from all parts of the country). My own parish had to issue a whole order of mass which specified that communion will be given standing - on the tongue, or on the left hand with your right underneath which will be used to take it and put it in your mouth.


…that is, kneel :smiley:

(Just kidding ;))


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