I wrote a poem for God


I’m not a native english speaker but I’ve done my best, tell me what you think!

When the night is falling in France,
I gaze at a beautiful star,
Dazzled to make your acquittance,
I envision that’s where you are.

Since it’s a star you can’t define,
It makes it stunning and unique,
I can not help but imagine,
Maybe it’s the one God visits.

Please, forever be by my side,
Here’s my one and only wish,
Without you I can not survive,
Do not let me fail and perish.

You constantly read on my mind,
I do not need to speak out loud,
You trully taugh me to be kind,
Are you watching me from a cloud?

You are the one I want to serve,
With obedience and affection,
There is nothing you don’t deserve,
Object of my adoration.

Each time I step into a church,
I feel you starring in my soul,
It’s like my heart is gonna burst,
My whole mind becomes your tool.

So can we unite forever?
To heaven gate i will arrive,
We’re all admiring your power,
And for your glory I will strive.

When my life is turning tragic,
I count on you to cheer me up,
You always bring me some magic,
Implying to never give up.

Why would one be an atheist?
You have proved me your existence,
It is a fact that you exist,
I have no doubt of your presence.

Always carrying you in my heart,
Regardless of where I will land,
Thank you for keeping me unhurt,
It is your cause that I defend.

Daddy I love you evermore,
You will always be my father,
You are the one that I adore,
Thou art my lord and my savior.


Its delightful! A beautiful love poem.


Thank you Eliza10:thumbsup:


:love:I love it!!

I know God does too.


Absolutely beautiful!!!


Thank you everyone!! :wave:


Awesome poem! I love it! :slight_smile:


Good job! Poetry is a wonderful tool to bring us closer to God. I hope you keep at it!


I like it. :thumbsup:


That’s very well written! I really like that, God Bless you for your talents! :slight_smile:


A beautiful and heart-felt poem. Thanks for sharing.


Hello everyone :wave:

I was wanting to fix 2 spelling errors, sadly I can’t figure out how to edit the topic…

Too bad but glad you like it!! :heart:


keep writing :)):slight_smile:


I was having a really bad day, but that totally lifted me up and was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!


Totus tuus Maria!


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