Ian Paisley latest hate-filled rant "Catholics are vermin"

Sat, 03/07/2010 - 16:09
to the BBC World Service, Mr Paisley, who has spent
most of his adult life preaching hatred and venom
against Catholics, objected to the forthcoming visit of
Pope Benedict XVI to Britain and criticised the Church in
Ireland’s dreadful approach to the child abuse crisis. While these
first two points may be taken as valid stances, he also refused to
withdraw a remark where he described Catholics as “vermin” and
the Pope as “the antichrist”.
Now, it’s hardly news that Ian Paisley hates Catholics.
Nevertheless, the interview serves as an interesting glimpse
inside the dark heart of a man who the media has been at pains
to portray in recent months as a cuddly if eccentric grandfatherly-
like figure. The tendency in a lot of media and political circles to
see Mr Paisley as merely “a bit of a character” ignores the fact that
he was a key player in preaching hatred against Catholics in the
North at a time when Loyalist death squads, inspired by the
rhetoric of the likes of Mr Paisley, roamed the streets of the region
targeting, maiming and murdering Catholics for no other reason
than their religion.
Mr Paisley bears a huge deal of responsibility for the sectarian
violence that tore the North apart for decades. No other figure in
Northern politics did more to create suspicion and hatred among
the communities in the region. A wise man once observed that
the perverse politicians make their way in life by appealing to
what is worst in human nature whereas the truly great leaders
appeal to what is best in human nature. Mr Paisley shamelessly
thrived in appealing to the worst in human nature.
What’s interesting about a lot of the coverage is the fact that Mr
Paisley’s sectarian remarks against Catholics are reported
verbatim without comment. Could you imagine the justifiable
furore there would be if a hate-filled racist bigot was permitted to
describe black people as “vermin”? Yet, Catholics, it seems, are
supposed to lie down and take whatever the sectarian hate-
mongers have to throw out. Is this really free speech? Does the
right to free speech mean that one has a right to preach
unadulterated hatred against individuals or a community?
While most people (myself included) would share Mr Paisley’s
criticism of the Church’s mishandling of abuse, many Catholics
will find it hard to credit that Mr Paisley’s remarks are motivated
out of a concern for child welfare. Any man who has spent his life
spreading vile lies and innuendo against Catholics and their
Church has very little credibility in being taken at face value on
such a sensitive issue. Besides, Mr Paisley has never fully
explained his role in the notorious Kincora Boys ’ Home child
sexual abuse scandal where dozens of boys where systematically
sexual abused. The abuse came to light in 1980 and it was alleged
by a key witness that Mr Paisley was aware of serious sexual
misconduct on the part of one of the convicted abusers and
refused to report it to the authorities. www.irishcatholic.ie/site/content/ian-paisley-latest-hate-filled-rant

Whenever someone like this starts ranting or raving like this, (even if it’s Anti-Protestant, Anti-Jew, Anti-anything) I just smile. The best way to counter act this rubbish is to ignore it.

I guess every culture needs at least one high profile bigot.

I was disappointed with Ian Paisley, in this interview. I had hoped that he had reformed his ways, and left behind his bitter and incendiary remarks of the past. Although he has mellowed compared to 20-30 years ago, he hasn’t let go of his anti-Catholic views.

You can listen to the interview, here.

Ian has learnt to generally speaking mellow down when speaking to influential persons. The BBC world service doesn’t really fall into that category really as it is listened to by a relatively small number of people.

Ian also blatantly lies in this interview about setting himself totally against unionist as well as IRA violence. Hardly true, he has plenty of ties to groups within the unionist paramilitary world and was quite keen on sabre-ratting and playing agent provocateur back in the day.

Oh Lord Ian is still claiming that St.Patrick held the same views as he does regarding Christianity and was not Catholic. He’s been at that for years and it’s a central point of his church in the north.

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