iBreviary-anyone familiar with it?

I am getting an iPhone for birthday/Father’s Day :smiley:

I am wondering if anyone has used iBreviary?

If so

  1. Does it have the complete Liturgy of the Hours (or at least Lauds/Morning, Vespers /Evening and Compline/Night)?

  2. Do they have all the Feasts, St’s Days,.Office of the BVM on a Saturday, etc?

  3. I am assuming that 1 and 2 are yes: is it a match for the paper/book version?

  4. Is the type size reasonable for older eyes? (I read somewhere that they have the ability to enlarge the text size)

  5. The Vatican puts this out for free, no?

  6. How do they handle days where there is more than 1 Saint option?

  7. If there are any features that really excite you, please list them.

Thanks!:thumbsup: :crossrc:

We have it on our iTouches and my husband has it on his Android phone.

It has all of the Liturgy of the Hours, including the Office of Readings

I think, unless it’s a feast day as well, it always uses the prayers for BVM on Saturdays. Yes, on Feasts and St’s Days.

Yes, except that you don’t have to pick and choose. Which is awesome!

You can change the size, but I think that the normal type is kind of small (and I’m only 28 :rolleyes:) so I switched it to the next bigger size.

It’s free, but not put out by “The Vatican”. It’s run by a guy in Italy, you can look it up online.

You get what Italy is using. :wink: There was a day, now I can’t remember when for sure, that it was an optional Feast day here in the US and they did special readings at Church, but the iBreviary didn’t pick it up. I think it’s because it was a US saint maybe…but like I said, I can’t remember for sure.

He recently upgraded to iBreviary Pro and now there are more things. There is a Missal so you can see the days readings (which the old one had too) along with some aditional prayers. There is a section called “Lecture” which actually has the prayers for Mass. And now there is a section that explains to you about the Saint of the day. Very cool!

You didn’t ask for this, but I’ll tell you what we DON’T like. With the old version you, if you refreshed it in the morning you could access it all day long. This was awesome, because when you weren’t in a WiFi area you could still have access. But, now it yells at you that you have no WiFi connection and if you don’t have it archived you can’t access any of the prayers. And you can’t access them from the front page, you have to go into settings and choose today as being a day in the past, and you can look them. Just a pain. But, I guess this won’t affect you as much as it will be an iPhone, so you’ll always have the phone connection. Same with my husband’s on his Android phone.

We love it, I’m sure you will too! :thumbsup::smiley:

Wow, thank you Brooklyn!

I am going to have a look at RC Calendar. Thanks again.

Just an FYI on the RC Calendar, we have it too. It’s awesome for finding specific dates on the calendar, but it has a very poor translation of the breviary prayers.

the iPieta is super cool too! :thumbsup:

I paid a couple of bucks for it last year, but I understand the new one “pro” is free. I use it at least daily if not more. A great feature is that you can copy the second reading from the Office of Readings (a non-scriptural reading, usualy from Sainted bishops and the like) and paste it into the “Notes” application (icon looks like a yellow pad), and email it to friends. I have done so occasionally since last year, and every once in a while, someone approaches me at church to thank me for it.

It is a bit small on older eyes, but I bet the one for the iPad is great.

Thanks so very much. Italian calendar would be OK for me (I’m Italian American):smiley:

Thanks @ Usbek, too:)

My husband is too! :wink: Well, Sicilian anyway! :smiley:

Anyone have a link to RC Calendar, by chance? I can’t seem to find it.:o

Good man :smiley:

I found it (RC Calendar) appcomments.com/appdetails/Catholic_Calendar

It uses Universalis, which doesn’t use a Church approved translation, IIRC.

Can someone please confirm or deny?

I didn’t know it was not an approved translation, I just knew it was a bad translation. :o Sorry, no help on that one. Still does have a good calendar feature, so you can see if certain days are Holy Days or Feast days or what have you.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I kind of would like to replace the paper version of the LotH. Mainly because every year (except this last one, when it came earlly, so maybe they’ve resolved the problem) I don’t get the paper guide until the 2nd week in January.

No problem!

My husband is able to do it without the paper guide, and I had to also for a while because we couldn’t get one. It isn’t TOO hard, but it’s annoying. I imagine it would be easier with the 4 volume set, but my main reason for being happy to have it on my iPod is that it’s so much lighter than the book! :wink: My bag was SOOO heavy when I had to carry that thing around!


Hadn’t thought of the weight angle.:smiley:

iBreviary is, well, frustrating to say the least. Most of the time, things come out all right (especially when you have an ordinary ferial day). The problem comes when you start adding feast, solemnities, ect.

For example, tomorrow (June 29th) is the Solemnity of Peter and Paul, so Night Prayer for tonight would be Evening Prayer I for Sunday. Which iBreviary has, except it has the additions/changes that are proper for Easter (extra Alleluia’s) and the concluding prayer that is for Saturday night instead of the one for Solemnities not on Sunday. They managed to get tomorrow’s Night Prayer mostly right (the concluding prayer is the one for Sunday when it should be the one for Solemnities not on Sunday).

This Saturday (July 3rd) is the Feast of St. Thomas. Except for Evening Prayer they have the Evening Prayer for the Feast of St. Thomas when it should be Evening Prayer I for Sunday (Sunday takes precedence over a feast not involving Jesus). They also have the same Easter Night Prayer as Sts. Peter & Paul.

A couple weeks ago, they actually didn’t have the Evening Prayer at all (somehow the Daytime Prayer ended up being there twice in both the Daytime and Evening Prayer spots).

Overall, I’d say get it because it’s free (I would have been quite mad if I had to pay for it). When it works it’s perfect. Sometimes it just seems to randomly screw up. I’d really like to move to one of these iPhone compatible ones, but they just seem to be too buggy still (heck, look at divineoffice.org for tonight. It has the Night Prayer for Monday with the Responsory for Easter).

What I’d really prefer is that someone made an e-book or something similar to one of the Bible apps. Just give me the text for my iPod and I’ll do all the page picking myself. I’d love to have it on my iPod, but I just don’t like the way anyone’s implemented it so far (just my personal opinion).

Just had an idea…do they have a “St Joseph’s Guide” app?

By that I mean, just the guide, without the readings, etc.

That would be a great idea, but I don’t think they’d do it. I would guess that they make their money because people have to buy the guide every year, year after year (and that’s probably the reason why they can sell it for so cheap).

That would be my guess anyways. But it is a good idea.


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