iBreviary: are there Catholic apps for Blackberry?



I’ve been hearing for the last month about an iPhone/iPod Touch application called the iBreviary that the Vatican is approving. I was wondering if anybody knows of any good Catholic apps for Blackberry owners?

I’ve located a Mobipocket version of “The Divine Office” by Quigley, but I’m hesitant to buy it because it doesn’t sound like something for a layperson. Also, I suspect that one has to flip pages in it, which sounds ridiculous/tedious with the Blackberry scroll wheel. Does anybody know of any Liturgy of the Hours, Christian Prayer, Breviary, or Divine Office apps/ebooks for Blackberry, especially ones that eliminate any multiple-colored-ribbons-style encumbrances?

Basically any suggestions of Catholic applications for Blackberry phones would be welcome. I own an 8700c, currently, but please share links for known apps for ANY model.


I have a Storm and would greatly appreciate anyone who can provide information for that model of the Blackberry. This would be a great tool to have, whether it’s the Divine Office itself or even a supplementle prayer book, such as the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


I too would love something like this. Also I would love to find NAB for my blackberry storm. I use to have WM and I loved having it on my windows device.


Divine Office (Traditional Office in English and Latin, now allowed via PP. BXVI’s motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum)


Universalis (new Liturgy of the Hours in English, but with a different bible translation than ICEL’s version as used in USA)


ya i use Universalis

just be cool to have an app!


Hi iBreviary,

If you go to catholic-forum.com/saints/ there are a few things you might like. Plenty of free books to download for all ebook readers. I use a Blackberry Pearl 8130 using Mobipocket for reading books. They also have a download so you can read on a pc. This site I’m sending you to is Saint Joseph Software homepage. This site has an E-book of common Prayers, there’s a patron saint index, Stations of the Cross, a list of all the Popes, Information on Our Lady, A new catholic dictionary and then a large list of e-books SJS-Ebooks. God Bless everyone


I found this in Blackberry App World. I haven't tried it out though.

Catholic Prayer Book appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2176

God bless!


I bought the Catholic prayer book for Blackberry. Found it difficult and not worth it. I deleted it.


LOL I think it’s great that I’m still subscribed to this thread. I’ve since purchased an iPhone and am rocking the free iBreviary Pro! It’s pretty good!


For iPhones go to www.imissal.com

For Android go to: androidzoom.com/android_applications/lifestyle/the-ordinary-of-the-mass_feme.html

Blackberry: appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21344?lang=en


I have a Blackberry Torch 9800 and I use the iBreviary. It updates daily and has tons of solid Catholic prayers. I use it whenever I don’t have my actual breviary with me.


iBreviary for Blackberry works excellent on my 9700. You do, however, have to update content daily. It is a free app, but I’d suggest only using it with an unlimited data plan.

Also, the app consumes battery power at the rate that a rocket consumes fuel! You absolutely, positively, have to exit all the way out of iBreviary and quit it, every single time you use it. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a very dead battery. It’s happened to me more times than I care to recall.

The upside is that you will not have to haul your LOTH around with you. The downside is the battery issue, plus some pretty sidelong glances in church, since the app also has the missal readings for each day. A few weeks ago I had forgotten my missal, and was following along on the BB, when I noticed the priest glaring at me.

After Mass, I explained that I had this app, and that it had the Mass readings. I showed him the phone, with the app, and he was so captivated by it that he went online and got the app for his Blackberry.

Anyone know about any other free Catholic apps for BB?


The iMissal for the iPhone is excellent. November will see the new translations updated.


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The iMissal for the iPhone is excellent. November will see the new translations updated.


Cool. Awesome username. Ivan fan? (I am--and Liquigas....Lampre, too)


Just purchased “iMissal” today. Has daily readings, various Catholic prayers (incouding the 3rd revision of both Creeds), a daily Bible verse, and a Catholic RSS feed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the Eucharistic prayers, but… Haven’t played with all of it yet, but seems pretty good.


Google: Catholic apps for Catholic Mass. There are apps for iPhone, Android, and blackberry phones.


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