ice ages and scripture?


if it was night time and there was no sun would planet earth not freeze?

If your answer to this question is yes, Then I submit the bible speaks of 4 ice ages.

the sun is not created till day 4 yet the story is told as though we have evening and morning from day 1.

Not all scientist but the many teach of 4 so called ice ages. I call them ice nights.

Yeshua bless.


Do you think God needs the sun to see ?
What is light?
Is the sun really light or just a star?


I see possible Ice ages 15000, 14****0000, 260000,and 350000, years ago.

Not enough data to compare Ice Ages to that of the Creation of the world.

As you go back in time both Evolution and the Bible have less data and content, or in other words less detail as you go back in time. One requires much measurement and scientific studies, and the other requires the personal witness of the holy spirit, and study of the bible, and tradition passed down from the early church fathers.

There are basically two realities, one is the spiritual, and the other is the physical. In the physical sense, all things are measured by TIME, and there is no sense of a passage of TIME in the spirit world.

To my knowledge TRUTH is intentionally missing from the scientific measurability of the world, to test our FAITH in the Lord. This can be difficult for people when they loose faith in the Lord, and they fall back on Evolution.

I believe that everything that is of the Earth was first created in Heaven, then it was all copied into the present physical sense, in the beginning of time, then at some point the Earth was placed around the Sun. None of this can be proven by scientific study of Ice Cores, Rocks, or artifacts, or even written history, passed down from ancient times. No data on how the two realities of Creation, and Evolution lined up at all. Zilch Nada.

This post was the hardest one I can remember trying to even answer at all. In my case I basically dropped Evolution for which I was really into, then I started to concentrate on spiritual things instead, since I have had several experiences with the spirit, even in saving my life on a number of occations, as in spiritual protection in the time of accidents ive had.

Only the Lord knows if the bible is 99.9 percent correct or not, especially the first book of the bible, being Genesis. The first two chapters of Genesis are especially fuzzy, as being very ancient in time.



the sun is a star. we all know this.
God is unlimmited by nature so no he doesn’t need anything to see. We all know this as well.


1st of I don’t see any need for the days of genesis to be 24 hrs long as the modern fundamentalist will insist. Secondly the seventh day was a never ending day that was brought to an end by the sin. no death no time. sin brought death to the world with death comes time and the observance of a weekly sabbath. Yeshua’s sacrifice removes sin thus eliminating time and abolishing the weekly sabbath and instituting VALID communion in place of the old law.

long story short this is why science speaks in terms of billions of years and the bible speaks in terms of simple days. I am in no way trying to rope somebody into an evolution discusion.

evolution is for those who chose to be children of death. We are children of life because we choose so, and our beloved creator has made it that easy.

yeshua bless!


Interesting opinion, That last statement is especially true. I also do not believe in the 24 hour day for god, But I believe Moses did not write specifically that it was 24 hours, so I believe in genesis being accurate, but not describing 24 hour timeperiods at all.


I am not a “child of death”. I accept 100% that God is the creator of everything. I accept the creed exactly as it is written.

I accept evolution as not only a valid scientific theory but as a fact.

Based on your belief, am I ignorant or am I a liar?




Interesting opinion, That last statement is especially true. I also do not believe in the 24 hour day for god, But I believe Moses did not write specifically that it was 24 hours, so I believe in genesis being accurate, but not describing 24 hour timeperiods at all.

This is one of many pickles biblical literalists get into…the hebrew word YOM means a 24 hour day. So, either God quite literally created the world over a six 24 hour day period, or Genesis is a STORY that those he was speaking to could understand which explains that GOD is the source of all creation.

While God is powerful enough to have created the world as explained in Genesis (heck, he could have done it all in 6 hours instead of 6 days…or 6 seconds even)…the God I worship would have put more thought into it…Genesis is how I think a HUMAN would have created in this step by step procedure…I choose to believe that God set up the laws of nature guiding our development over the eons. That doesn’t make him any less God nor the bible any less true.


but YOM is also used in the passage which talks about how god’s days are like a 1000 human years, if not more.

So I don’t think it’s that easy to just say it was somekind of parabolic retelling of the creation. I am a theastic evolutionist and I believe that evolution is described in Genesis. But your opinion is quite valid also.


The Rabbis I’ve spoken to said Yom as used in Genesis is a 24 hour day. Frankly, the structure of creation as cited in Genesis doesn’t work scientifically.

And frankly, the attempt to make the six days of creation mean an unspecified amount of time is telling…it’s an admission that as laid out on the six-day plan…Genesis doesn’t work.


I apologize if I affended you.
I am ignorant to your belief system.
you are only a liar if you knowingly speek a lie.

I personally believe that evolution would be the ultimate proof of god. creation makes god necesary for an instant evolution makes god necesary indefinately.

what I do know is Adam and Eve had children who took wives from somewhere? If evolution is scientific/hystorical fact then that is where it fits into the bible. Only the children of eve had life!

Yeshua bless!


The sun doesn’t exist till day 4. The sun can’t be used to determine the length of a day if it doesn’t exist. Think about it.

Day 7 has no described end other than perhaps the sin.

Yeshua bless!

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