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For all of you good parents out there that use ice cube trays to freeze vegies etc. in, how do you store it in the freezer?

Im just about to start freezing some different vegies and would be interested to hear how everybody else does it!

I’m super confused.
You dice the veggies into small pieces and stick them inside ice cube trays?
Is this for baby food?

Freeze in the ice cube trays, pop out of trays and store cubes in zip-lock freezer bags.

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I do this with double cream, you put a tablespoon in each compartment, freeze then transfer to a bag and use what’s needed in the recipe.

For baby food, you can puree and then freeze. But I didn’t stick with it very long, and just went to mashing up whatever table foods we were having.

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Yeah, I’m confused too.

Yeah, kids in general (unless they have health issues) are going to like new textures. The more textures they are used to, the faster they learn to gag which is vital to avoiding choking.

I made baby food for my kids too.

Cook and purée your veggies.

Freeze in 2 tablespoon servings

Once frozen remove from trays and store in labeled freezer bags.

Saturday was baby food prep day for me. If you make new food every week you don’t have to worry about freezer burn or off tastes.

I used this book:
Super Baby Food

For Baby food, you puree, then freeze in the trays, once frozen, pop out of the ice cube tray and put in freezer storage bags.

I recommend buying baby tupperware containers. They’re handy as you can seperate your food to make one serving for each container. They ensure food is well sealed and they’re easily organizable in the freezer.

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