ICE to remove ‘millions of illegal aliens’ in US, Trump says, scant on details


“Countless illegal aliens not only violate our borders but then break the law all over again by skipping their court hearings and absconding from federal proceedings. These runaway aliens lodge phony asylum claims only to be no-shows at court and are ordered removed in absentia,” the official said. “… These judicial removal orders were secured at great time and expense, and yet illegal aliens not only refuse to appear in court, they often obtain fraudulent identities, collect federal welfare, and illegally work in the United States. Enforcing these final judicial orders is a top priority for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”


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Why are they skipping their court dates? It seems to me contradictory to seek to become legal and then to ignore the rules.

They all attend the first court date, which gives them the right to stay while their case is pending.

They skip the much later second court date because they already know they don’t qualify and their petition for asylum will be denied.

The asylum process is mostly used as a loophole to gain temporary residency with associated benefits.

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What are the data on this?
Reporting rates were in the high 90’s (%) for monitored release program used in previous administrations.

Even under Obama it was 84% skipping

Here is more recent testimony

It’s really common sense, shouldn’t surprise you in the least.


What is surprising is that given the very high success rates of cerating monitoring programs, why those programs are not ultilzed more extensively.

Why? I’d expect the monitoring to work fairly well, only breaking down before the final hearing and deportation.

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Those stories are old.
And still not an explanation of the pervasive no-shows, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

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It’s plausible given the way our court system works with its continuances and objections and other delays. Thanks for the articles.

A bizarre twist

The immigration courts have gotten to be so predictable that to know the outcome of a case, you simply need to know which judge is hearing it. If you have a “good judge” it is a safe bet to go to court. If you have a “bad judge” you are better off not showing up. It’s become irrelevant what the facts of the case are.


I am all for enforcing immigration laws and such. However, I strongly feel that our immigration laws need to be reformed. I feel like they should make it easier for people to legally immigrate here rather than more difficult.


Resources are, we’re told, already stretched too thin to be able to keep up at the border. But we’re about to suddenly find the manpower to carry out millions of deportations. :roll_eyes:

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The border invasion has been and still is, out of control. There is renewed hope that the laws will be fixed, children will be saved from grave dangers, and the good, but deceived people, will be safely returned.
IMO this invasion was provided by the drug cartels, and those that desired to attack the US - actually using humanity as a weapon - sounds unbelievable but following the money always leads to the start line. The damage to the people cannot be defined by money - death and a living death for so many has been the result.
Human trafficking/slavery has been fueled by this dereliction of duty to our country by the political obstruction of the Democrats. Every minute another human suffers the consequences of these destructive politicians. It will be the mission of every voting citizen, that listens to their conscience and loves their neighbor, to pray for an end of those in office obstructing and supporting evil purpose.
(note: I never even mentioned that the Democrats have a platform of abortion/infanticide.)

The rhetoric is out of control.

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That is just an issue with our quotas and extreme popularity.
Getting into the US is like trying to get a season ticket to the Green Bay Packers, their wait list is now 30 yrs with well over 100k people on it. Their back office isn’t broken, in need of reform.

As long as we remain the most sought after destination globally, demand will far exceed supply and it will appear like the system is broken.

We need to be very cautious about simply adding a couple extra million green cards annually. In the short term I think it would only fire up global demand, until the impact of integrating and employing all these people rippled through the economy. It’s only when we become ‘unpopular’ that our wait list will drop.

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They’re separate segments of the government. Border Patrol is not ICE. But I would agree that both are under-manned. It is unlikely, however, that the Democrats in the House will provide the funding to significantly improve either one. When a political party wants open borders, it’s not likely to want to make them less open.


So the UN will punish you for your ‘impure’ thoughts

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