Iceland needs vocations!

Did anyone see Iceland’s boast that they have aborted 100 percent of their Down Syndrome babies? Catholics are less than 4 percent of the population, the rest of which is either pagan or Lutheran.

Here is the website for the Discalced Carmelites in Iceland:

A list of the parishes and religious communities present in Iceland:

Praying for Iceland…

Iceland needs Catholics never mind vocations.

4%? Im surprised its that high

Scandinavian atheist populations are also staggering. But then again, the United States has even reported atheist Jewish persons as being in positions of power or rising to such, mostly from the political left. It seems there is certainly work to be done.

Interesting - most of the priests are foreign-born (only one native from Iceland out of 16?); half are from Poland or Slovakia. Several masses in Polish and Lithuanian. Maybe an expatriate Polish community there?

Iceland is becoming a popular tourist destination, between the northern lights, the hot springs, the close to 24-hour nights or days at the solstices, the chance to swim literally in between the continents (in a lake that was formed by the fault line between the European and North American plates that are drifting apart every year by a small amount). Add attending Mass in Icelandic, and this could be a “bucket list” vacation idea for me.

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