Icon translation help


Hello…I saw this icon, which is said to be one of the late Coptic Orthodox Pope, Pope Shenouda III, but I have no idea what the writing on it says. Can anyone please help translate the text? I know he wasn’t Eastern Catholic, but I assume members of this forum will be familiar with the text on the icon. Thanks!!


I do not really know Coptic at all, but I can read the alphabet, since it is basically Greek. It says
“Papa Abba Shenoude pimah Γ”, meaning simply “Pope Shenouda the Third” – Papa Abba is the title of the Coptic Pope, pimah turns the following numeral into an ordinal and the letter Γ has numeral value of 3.


That’s fantastic! Thank you so much! I didn’t realize it was such a straightforward text.


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