Icon writing?

I am a Roman Catholic but not in good standing with my Church. I cannot change this without blowing up my life, and the life of my husband whom I love very much. It is about him not being baptised and the lawful nature of his previous marriages. A huge kettle of fish…

I want to learn to write icons, and I wonder if an icon written by someone like me…a real believer, but not canon lawfully straight with the Church, is OK. I mean will it be less effective? Or would buyers possibly turn away if they knew?

I know icons are used in the Roman Church too, but since the tradition is greater in the Eastern Church, I thought I would ask you guys.

Personally , one of the most thorough pieces I’ve ever read on icons and icon writing came from Brother Aidan at this EWTN link . . . guaranteed to enhance one’s knowledge and understanding of icons:


It would depend - would you be writing them for your own personal devotion, or to donate to your church, or to sell? The intention matters a lot.

Also, FWIW even if they were acceptable to Catholics they would not be acceptable to the Eastern Orthodox. (I say this because just this morning I was reading a thread about this in an Orthodox forum.)

Regarding your marriage. If your husband has never been baptized, it would be worthwhile to inquire about a Petrine Privilege to dissolve his previous marriage. [We had success with a somewhat similar case when I was running our RCIA]

Don’t take someone’s off-hand opinion on this. Get an opinion from someone familiar with the Tribunal processes in your diocese.

I am his fourth wife. Im the fourth. I know, I know…
If his first marriage means that the other two were not valid, and it would, I could make a case that our marriage is OK since the first is now dead. He is technically a widow.
So if that is the case and nothing needs to be done regarding his marriages after the first one, then maybe we could be convalidated.

If not, then I can not really ask him to do anything about them as he is not religious at all. I can’t see that my Church has any jurisdiction over someone who is not baptised and has no religious beliefs at all.
I’m pretty sure he would go for a convalidation for me, but I doubt very much if he’s up to doing anything about the previous marriages.

As it is I am not in good standing because of this.

I’m really a tapestry weaver and am mostly interested in using icons to jump start tapestry designs. And I wouldn’t mind having/ selling some of the actual icons too.

For my own curiosity, what would make them unacceptable from an Orthodox viewpoint?

The maximum marriage/divorce allowed to an Orthodox laymen, even in the most liberal jurisdictions, is three. A “fourth marriage” would never be allowed.

The Orthodox generally prefer the icons they use for veneration (especially within their churches) to be made by other Orthodox.

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