Which churches aisde from the copts and byzantine have an iconostatis. I’m not talking about curstains or rood screens, but straight up panels with icons.

FYI traditional Coptic churches do NOT have icon screens…they are a Byzantinization! :smiley: The Copts would traditionally have a curtain, as would most other Oriental Churches.

True, the icon screen is a later development. I suppose it emerged in a big way during the crises over images. The frame, of course, is much earlier, probably because it was a support for the curtain.

The curtain is still appropriate to the Byzantine temple.

As an example of one, my Church (see signature below) does indeed have an iconstatis. So do most Orthodox Churches.

Yes sir. You have a beautiful church. Father Alexei’s cool. He reminds me of santa claus with his snow white hair.

The Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Antioch for example has curtains. It has an iconostasis, but not the full screen common to Greeks.

Fr Alexei is far to young to resemble Santa Claus!!

Fathe Alexei also has a beautiful tenor voice when he is chanting the service. He somehow makes me LISTEN to what is actually being said. And I like his short, to-the-point sermons.:thumbsup:

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