Icons/teachings/ spiritual guidance for mixed religious couples


…as some of you might know I am a convert and my husband is baptized, but don´t believes in the christian faith. It was never a problem regarding life plans or support in my spirituality, but sometimes the feel I get is that he makes it sooo hard for himself. Recently, some hard stuff came up in our life and in our marriage, and I realized I compensate the lack of good guidance from parents and society mainly with reading about my faith and about the saints. He´s dealing with the same lack of good examples to look at, but has not the benefit of a church helping him. I was wondering if there are any saints especially for mixed spouses to pray to, literature of the church fathers about this or marriage resources that are rooted in faith, but not exclusively for christian couples. I pray for him already, of course.


St. Monica was married to a pagan husband who tolerated her religious practices but wasn’t thrilled about them. She prayed for years for his conversion and he finally became a Christian shortly before his death.


Thank you, I´ll pray to her. I never researched more about her, as I only knew her as a patron saint for mothers and widows. It´s lovely to read her full story :slight_smile:


A little output, again. Just curious if this happened to someone else.
I was never the strongest in sharing my faith with missionary Intention. After my DH has said himself that he suffers from a spiritual guidance and regrets that he needs to live “learning by doing” morally, I tried to show him an open door to christ. He can’t believe but agreed to share a bit more of my faith life to try.
I should be happy, but I feel horrible. I feel that I am the last person on earth able to be a christian role model, and I think often he acts more like an humble christian spouse than me. I fear telling him anything because I could do it bad. On the other hand, I see he suffers without the grace of faith…
Not sure what I expect now, I just wonder or think loudly.


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