ICRSS Seminary Tuition

Does anyone know how much tuition is for the seminary for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest? I was told FSSP seminarians are responsible for $7000 a year for tuition, room and board. Is this the same case for the ICRSS?

WHAT !!! FSSP (fine men all of them) have to pay $7000 a year ? ! ! ! , hmm maybe thats why they only have half as many Priests as the SSPX; seriously though I don’t know what the situation is the US but in the UK such costs would mean that you would essentially be saying that only rich people ( and I mean RICH) would be able to afford to be Priests; reminds me of the Middle Ages where poor people could only be lay Brothers or Sisters. (getting rid of that distinction was one of V2’s good points)

As for the ICSKP I know that one years pre-seminary costs $750 -

this link from their seminary in Tuscany


I searched under ‘tuition’

…several pdf’s came open that you can open for more info.

From one of them, basic monthly fe is $900./MONTH for academics, room and board.–$10,800./year, plus travel and incidentals, and clothing.

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