Icy Storm Forces Many into Shelter

CBNNews.com - MURRAY, Ky. - Residents displaced by a winter storm rested in every corner of a university theater, about 100 of them sprawled in aisles, propped in chairs, curled up on the stage. Some watched a movie while others settled in - but all could sleep soundly with the heat blasting, the assurance of food and water nearby.

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We must remember to pray for all of these people. I was in this ice storm as well as many other people but thankfully, we did not lose power.

Also, to those who are opposed to this source, here are some other sources. Also, remember that even though CBN is a fundamentalist Protestant news service, they are still Christians like us. They are our separated brethren. But, let’s not discuss the source. Let’s discuss the article. :thumbsup:

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Let us remember them in our prayers.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. :signofcross:

I was just on the edge of this in Kentucky. We did not get very heavy icing at my house although we did lose a couple of trees. However, just about 20 miles west, they are hurting badly. Lots of people are coming to the town where I live to buy heaters, fuel etc. They need prayers, and I’ve donated to the local St. Vincent de Paul.

This was a terrible storm.

I am reading that there are still thousands without electricity and 55 people people in KY have died as a result of this storm. As one who has been without power for only two days in summer I can only image how horrible this would be in the dead of winter, without light, electricity, heat, food, water, etc. There are probably livestock that can’t be attended to and pets also. I’m surprised FEMA isn’t doing more to help these people but I guess the roads were impassable from what I heard. Please continue praying for these people. :gopray2:

FEMA? They haven’t been in evidence. But the National Guard has been out helping people and line workers from several states have been dispatched to help with the downed poles and power lines. Thanks guys!


The effects extend far into the future. We had a tremendous ice storm two years ago, and broken limbs and tops still fall now and then. The power companies have done a pretty good job in clearing back from the power lines, but those falling things still knock down fences, hit houses and cars, dam up streams, etc, etc, etc. And when one walks in the woods, one looks up all the tiem.

It is still bad. Many where I live are still without power and Kentucky Utilities estimates next week before most will get power. We spent 2 days without power and 20 days with water to the basement only and we are on day 4 with no water at all. It is bad when you remember having to go into the frozen basement to lug up water as “the good old days”

Please pray, especially for those still without power.

I don’t understand why people don’t plan for events like this? We can and should pray for them, but why can’t they plan ahead too?

FEMA did show up in some areas and distributed TAINTED peanut butter and TAINTED meals to some of the shelters. More proof that we need to plan for trouble and rely more on ourselves.

I hope nobody thinks I am heartless, but we went 8 days in SUB-ZERO weather without power several years ago due to an ice storm. Nobody showed up to help us. We could not even get out of our road for the first 3 days (and we have 2 4x4 vehicles). Temps reached -20 degrees on 3 of the 8 days and never got above 5 degrees.

Times are tough in our nation. Weather issues make things worse. But if we are to be good providers for our family, good stewards with our money, then we NEED to plan for these minor catastrophes that can be nothing more than an inconvenience if they are planned for, or they can be tragic if we are too reliant on the government to assist us.

I’m sorry but why don’t more people have generators? Why don’t more people do their own food canning? Why don’t more people store a bit of fuel, have some emergency supplies, and even some basic necessities? Too many people went the last 10 years driving leased cars, building big houses, living on credit cards. We need to all wake up. Grow a simple garden, put up your tomatoes that are over abundant in the summer so you can open jars in the winter.

The worst thing that will happen if you plan for tough times is that you will live through them in much better shape than if you don’t. And if times for you never get tough then you will have the ability to help feed and shelter others.

I don’t think that God sends these storms to hurt us, but perhaps storms like this, and like the one we lived through, send a message to people? Remember the fable of the Ant & the Grasshopper? The ant worked all summer while the grasshopper played. Then came winter and the ant had food and the grasshopper went hungry and came begging to the ant. We need to LEARN from events like this.

Simple planning is not paranoia that relegates you to the “tin foil hat crowd” it is just simple planning for when times get tough. And it may save your life or the lives of one of your neighbors.


Pray? YES. But don’t forget to learn from this, and plan for trouble. Its not a matter of IF it will happen again, but WHEN it will happen.

Puts me to mind of storms we had when I was a kid.

When I was really little, we didn’t have electricity. We had an outhouse. We got our water in buckets from a spring. We lit the house with coal oil and gasoline lamps. My mother cooked on a coal oil stove. We heated the house by burning wood. My parents bought food in bulk, and my mother canned, so we had a basement full of food all the time.

Later, after we got electricity, it was different. But if a storm knocked down the electric lines, we just went back to what we did before we had it. There’s a lot to be said for being prepared, and it’s not all that different from not being prepared. The one thing you can’t do in town, though, is have an outhouse. But if you have city water, you don’t need one.

Wow! I thought we were the only folks on this site who’d lived that way.We heated only with wood until several years ago & used to carry drinking water from a spring & had rainwater from a cistern for cleaning & laundry.A pitcher pump in the kitchen & yard pulled up the rainwater.
We went without power from time to time-once for 4 days-but it wasn’t a big deal.The outhouse worked just fine with or without power.And we kept oil lamps ready just in case.Lots of canned goods, too.
If I still lived out in the country I’d sure have a woodstove.It’s hard to believe all those folks in KY, especially in that kind of climate,wouldn’t have more preparation.

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