ID in public schools


What would be the consequences of teaching ID in public school science classes?



ID? :confused:


The same as teaching astology in public school science classes.




Intelligent Design.



Your answer is non-responsive. What would happen if Intelligent Design were taught?



The same as if astrology was taught. We would be wasting our student’s limited time to learn about science by filling that time with instruction about a non-science, just like astrology. Heck, if we are to teach ID, why not teach accounting principles or classical literature in science class?




I see, so there are no consequences?



The consequences are that we would be teaching a religious belief as science which of course is terrible. Ed are we never going to cease this? oh well…lets have at it for the 10th time.


I suspect the students would have to learn how to deal with very large and very small numbers. ID suggests that evolution has had many mutations with very low likelyhood. They would need to learn some probability (independent variables vs. dependent variables). They would learn to look at mainstream science as a mixture of facts, derived theories, probabilities associated with the theories.

In other words: they may have a more mature understanding of how facts are presented to support and detract from a theory.

BTW: as I have come to understand ID, the basic concepts deal with the creation of the universe, creation of life, and evolution (none of which overlap). And the improbable combination of events that lead to the development of higher life forms. Since this is the only universe we know (and are likely to know) the explanation for these events lead to the hypothesis of extra universal force(s).

Some scientists have hypothesized multiple universes so ours is just the lucky one where such a string of coincedences took place, or a splitting of this universe as often as needed to support the idea that all possible things occur in some universe. These have no more support, scientifically, than the hypothesis of extra-universal forces.


So Evan, what would be the real world effect of students learning about ID?

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Not much into reading comprehension, are you Ed? I’ll tell you what, instead of just wasting student and teacher’s time, just get rid of science class. After all, if you are going to waste time and not teach science, maybe you could have another class, maybe even a recess.




Not much into answering direct questions, are you? Consequences - you know, end result? I throw a brick through a window in public, with plenty of witnesses - consequences?

ID in public schools- dark ages? fall of western civilization? dogs and cats living together?



Ok, Ed. Consequences? Young people with the same level of scientific understanding as the originator of this thread.

That is a consequence I shiver to think about.

That direct enough?




Well, Tim, I’ll have to include that when I write about this subject in the future. I don’t mind personal insults, but apparently, there are/will be no dire consequences from teaching Intelligent Design in public schools. This is contrary to some things I’ve read by ID critics, but it also confirms the vague, undefined, and, in my view, entirely manufactured “threat” posed by ID. In other words, there isn’t any. No threat. None.

I am opposed to any group that through deception and misdirection, wishes to impose their beliefs on others. This is not Christ-like. I am also opposed to any group that claims that “if you do Y” - like teach ID, then something vague, undefined and terrible will happen. But apparently, no one can tell me what that is.

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The only thing manufactured is ID itself.

I am opposed to any group that through deception and misdirection, wishes to impose their beliefs on others.

Good. You oppose the ID group then.

This is not Christ-like. I am also opposed to any group that claims that “if you do Y” - like teach ID, then something vague, undefined and terrible will happen. But apparently, no one can tell me what that is.

God bless,

Well, Ed, I guess you have outsmarted all of us athiests. I think you should run for your local school board and then insist that ID be taught in science class.

I’ll wait until the judge issues his ruling against you before I say “I told you so”.




No consequences. Got it.



The level of average of science knowledge among pupils would drop because time in science lessons would be spent teaching non-science so something would have to be dropped from the curriculum in order to make way for it.

Science teachers who disagreed with ID would tend to leave the profession. I taught maths and physics for five years, but if I had been asked to teach ID I would have left earlier than I did.

People who agreed with ID would tend to increase their proportion among science teachers. In the US this would probably mean an increase in fundamentalist protestants, in Europe there would probably be a relative increase in fundamentalist muslims as well.

Universities would have to spend more time bringing new students up to speed at the start of science courses to compensate for the time lost in school classes, thus making science courses either more pressurised or leaving out some material to make time for the remedial teaching in the first year. This will reduce either the number or quality of science graduates.

Because of the reduced number or quality of science graduates science and technology companies, particularly biotech companies, would tend to look elsewhere for an educated workforce thus reducing employment in those fields. This would also impact the wider economy.

The reduced number or quality of science graduates would impact future scientific research in universities, slowing down new developments and allowing those countries with better quality science education to gain an advantage.

An interesting question ed, thanks for asking it.



Consequences? Giving the fundies a big hand with Tax payer money, liying to kids in school, wasting time and resourses in class. Damaging science education in the US.


Darn it! That was exactly what I was going to post when I read the OP! Word for word… except my names’ not Tim, so I would have left that part out.


Here’s what I was going to say:

I’m fer it. I think kids oughta have an ID ‘bout sumthin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I do have a question for the anti-ID’ers. If the universe wasn’t intelligently designed, as some of you appear to think, then how did it happen?


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