I'd like to get my spirituality back on track


I feel at peace and have joy in my heart when I follow the steps of Jesus. However, my work environment is filled with lots of gossip and popularity contests. I enjoy being friendly with an “outcast” coworker simply because she is so nice, Christian, and values my friendship. It is so easy to get lured into the nonsense gossip circle. (so far, I am minding my own business! I know it is wrong! Thank you, Jesus!)

Question 1: For some reason, my prayer life is slipping. I was focusing on being more spiritual. Listening to Catholic radio as much as possible, saying the rosary and other prayers, etc. Well, that has fallen by the wayside. I have gotten caught up in my secular hobbies again. It feels so good to get a compliment when I do well. (I do remember to thank Jesus for my gifts.) But, I don’t want these hobbies because they take time away from Jesus and make me competitve and Type A. I would rather be humble than Type A. (Plus, it doesn’t feel so good physically to be so competitive all the time.) So, the question is, has anyone ever had to cut back or give up a hobby b/c it made them too competitive and/or separated them from GOD?

Question 2: Well, I was involved on a secular messageboard. And it turns out some girl from my college days was mentioning me in a not-so-flattering light. Nothing BAD ever happened between us- please note that! (She only used my first name, but she did give the university and other associations which could easily lead to me.) I am kinda mad for having my real name brought up. It is disrespectful. (She is entitled to her memories, but it’s not cool to give away my identity.) For me, I don’t like to include anyone in particular when I bring up stories from the past. It seems disrespectful to the people IF you give away clues to their true identity. But now, after reading what this woman posted, I almost feel like, "Why am I bothering to be respectful of all people? Why do I bother to forgive others? Why do I try not to gossip?"
I feel like I am doing what’s right- forgiving, respecting, refraining from gossip. So, the second question is, has anyone else ever felt like they are getting dumped on because they were trying to live the “right” way?

I’d appreciate any insight!


Hi Lynn :wave: As your schedule permits… of course… I would recommend either daily Mass and/OR Eucharistic Adoration to help get your spiritual life back on track. Nothing helps to keep us focused on Jesus… better… than time spent in His Presence.

One of my sisters, also works a full time job and it’s not easy for her to get to daily Mass. But she does try to find time for visits with Jesus. Sometimes, she will do this on the way home from work; on her lunch hour… or whenever she has a few free minutes.

I know that not everyone can make it… but daily Mass has been a tremendous help to me.

Hope this helps. God bless.


I,m not catholic but I’ll respond if you don’t mind…I have sorta the opposite issue as I am disabled from a work accident…I spend my day encouraging others in chatrooms and praying as the Lord leads…My wife on the other hand struggles with the same issues…Co workers are downright nasty and she does her best to avoid there yakking but sometimes slips and lets her comment in…She has me a sounding board at home so I know all that goes on when she comes in the door…I put the puter aside and give her my attention…She has done the exact thing befriending a non believer who stays to her self…I guess what is at issue for you might be priority…I’m sure you have your hands full…My wife is a good sewer and baker and also get compliments…She’s my Prov 31 woman…She’s acutely aware of time not spent with Jesus and will got back in the bedroom and commune with Him…Flesh is a hard thing to battle and in this day and time it is a battle to make time frr Him some days…I really think God understands and sometimes will “interupt” us in a way to get out attention…I encourage you to just arrange times to get away by yourself and get into His presence…I really feel we are entering times where we need to stay close to Him…May the Lord bless, guide and draw you deeper in His presence…In Christ…Kim

Opps…I forgot your message board issue…Always remember that you in a public venue on message boards so people say things they would never say in someones face…Not everybody who trust in Christ is at the same place in there walk…We can’t always expect them to act like we would…Your going to have to extend grace and be forgiving to those who offend…Even going the second mile if you want to expose yourself to them…Always go into chatrooms with prayer asking the Lord to guide your speech and wisdom to respond maturely…


Thanks to both of you for the advice. I sent a private message to the “offending” post-er in the message board. It was a very plain message saying that I was the woman she was referencing. I also sent her my “best”. No response yet, but I’m not expecting one. And that is okay. BUT, I am not going to use secular message boards so much, especially not the one that made me angry.

I am going to see what I can do about getting to mass or adoration. I now try to keep Catholic radio or TV on when I’m home. It’s through the internet. I switch between EWTN (English, French, Spanish) TV, Traditional Catholic Radio, and CatholicTV. I also like this Gregorian radio that streams its boradcasts.


Thanks for getting back sis…The closer we get to Jesus the less our flesh rises to take offense…I know somewhat about how your view adoration…My equivalent is putting praise and worship cd and let God’s presence fill the room as I worship Him…It letting the Holy Spirit use the word we hide in our hearts o change us form glory to glory…Each step closer allows flesh to die releasing more of God’ presence in your life…May the Lord draw you as close as you desire to be…Is there an area at your adoration where you could just prostrate be for Him…Is there worship music? Can you raise your hands?..Kim


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