I'd like to start a local Catholic social club. You guys have any tips?

Basically, it’d bring the discussions I see here with you guys to a local, off the internet setting. We’d meet every so often to discuss current events, books, or to volunteer in someway. Problem is, I don’t have any Catholic friends (sadly), and the communities/ministries at my surrounding churches are either a little hokey/non-productive for my taste (e.g. meeting up to watch a local baseball game) or are full of people who are, let’s just say, not my age (I’m 26). Do you guys have any ideas about how I could get things started and/or make such a club successful? Be honest… would any of you be interested if you saw something similar advertised in your area?

By the way, I live in the Piedmont Triad area, NC, just in case any of you do too.

What a fantastic idea! I am one year younger than you and I would totally go, but I live in a different country. So…that’s not happening. But there are definitely lots of people in every city I’ve ever lived in who are looking for Catholic groups for 20-something year olds, where the group offers real spiritual food and/or discussion on issues that actually matter!

Please start this group.

A friend of mine started one by accident. She is well connected in the community and started a video series Catholic study. Turned out that the study was very very boring and we didn’t continue with it, but we all realized how much of a thirst there is for the truth and connection with like-minded people. But you said you don’t have Catholic friends. That’s okay! You could phone up a few parishes that have lots of young adults and ask them to put a notice in their bulletin, or you could go around to parishes and actually make an announcement. Or make a video announcement and send a copy to every parish in your city so they can play it just before Mass. You can start it as a young adults faith study or prayer group or something and then while everyone is over at your place or wherever you’ll go you can invite them to go volunteer with you.

If you don’t want to make an announcement or put up flyers or something, then you’ll simply have to make Catholic friends and invite them over to your place or wherever.

I have started to research “Theology on Tap” for some young people I know. You could check your Diocesan office for information or call your Diocesan newspaper.
Years ago, one of my sons was involved with it while he was living in Chicago.

If I saw something like this advertised in my area I would be very excited to take part of (I am also your age).

In my home country and parish, I didn’t last more than couple of weeks in the youth group as they were not engaging in any catholic activity. Hence, I would always feel more comfortable around “older” people groups.

Now I would like to take part in such youth groups, even if just doing simple things like praying the rosary, “training apologetics” (this would be fun, imagine we come up with common misconceptions about Catholic faith and then we debate potential answers), discuss about our vocations, live of saints, charity actions, evangelization,… I think the possibilities are endless.

Please proceed with this idea in your area.

First I would talk to local priests since they might be well connected to other people in the area and might actually know some that would share your idea.

And just mabye you could try to start with an Alpha course. It is pretty basic and it can create a strong group of people thirsty for more life with God in a community kind of way.

God bless you,
and I hope your plans will work out!

Just do it, as they say in the shoe ads. Start the group, see who comes, and form policy and intent around what the members want, keeping it all within Christian standards of course. I started a singles group years ago, and while I took initiative to start it, I did not lead it. We decided on a weekly activity together and we attended the same service at Church. Discussions about events, books, issues came about naturally like they do in any group of friends.

Don’t script the group. Some people love to sit in a circle and each take turns giving their opinion on something. Others prefer to sit off to the side and listen.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! I already have a couple of new ideas, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

That’s great news that you have a desire for this! Don’t give up hope or trying to connect with other young adults. More young adults are out there wanting the same thing, it’s just difficult to connect. I’ve personally found the most success when I personally invited someone to join (this required me to step out of my comfort zone). Try to contact the Director of Adult Faith Formation at your parish to get some names. All you need to get is one person to start. In the mean time, you may try something like www.pillarsofcatholicism.com for at home online study. They offer a free 13 week course with lecture, notes, and study. It’s very comprehensive.


thats really great ! there are many young adults hungry for faith related things or wanting to come back to the church and looking for answers but would like to to do with people their age.

In my area South Florida there are a few parishes with young adult ministries,its like the new thing here,Praise God ,my parish still doesnt have one but there are some close by that do.

Maybe you can start as a club,just watch christian based movies and discuss it over popcorn, do a short catholic based study, maybe take turns each over and present a topic, do a rosary etc …

and maybe it could turn into a young adult ministry but you have to have permission from the priest .

check out this site for catholic young adults www.bustedhalo.com

and this>>> a young adult ministry program youngadultministryinabox.com

good luck! I HIGHLY recommend you do The Novena of The Holy Spirit BEFORE you start, you can probably find it online . 9 days of prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which are
Fear of the Lord

Good idea and I wish you luck.

I was stationed twice in NC while in the Marines and found that there were not a significant amount of Catholics in the area. A large portion of them were fellow Marines. I think my hometown in Texas (population of about 6500) had almost half as many Catholics as the civilian portion of the local city (population over 100,000).

When I was there, no one had heard of the Internet yet. Here are a few ideas.

  • Check Facebook for Catholic groups in your area.
  • I have never used “Meet Up”, but have heard that some people have been very successful in creating groups for a wide variety of interests.
  • Ask the parishes in your area if they would print a blurb for you in their parish bulletin. Getting 2-3 people from each of the parishes in your area could add up.

Catholics need to be with other Catholics. We need Catholic communities where people get together and share.

Thoughts on current events.
Encouragement (job related, relationship related, family related).
Get out there and pass out some tracts as a group.


Ministering to poor people with cardboard signs that are homeless, as a group. And encouraging them to go to Church if they don’t.

Hope this helps,

Maybe try setting up a men’s Bible study. You can use the first part of the meeting to discuss Scripture and then open up the second part for free discussion. Post it in the bulletin and see what happens. Not sure what you can do about the age restriction.

Wow. God puts you in the right place at the right time. I hadn’t been on CF for quite some time. (School, Work, Kids, etc.)
Anyways, I’m in the development stages of a group made for professionals from all walks of life to discuss how to integrate our Christian Faith into our secular jobs.
I’m planning on holding a coffee social soon to kick off the group. I’m trying to get some guest speakers (for free) that can speak on work/family/spiritual life.
I started off wanting to make it a Catholic only deal. Then I realized I needed to open up my horizons and include all Christians.
Pray for my endeavors as I pray that you find a way to find fellowship where you are.
***PM me if you want to learn more about my new Professionals group. Maybe we can start multiple chapters! ***


I live in the Chicago area and I have seen quite a few groups called “Catholics on Tap” you go to local bars or pubs and see if they have a room you could use however often you think would be necessary to meet, then have a few beers while discussing Catholicism or whatever topic you deem important. Most of these groups are for men and women ages 21 to 40, so I have unfortunately not been able to attend any of these, I didn’t start seeing them until after I was 40 :crying: Good luck to you in your endeavours!

Those “On Tap” groups are fine…Except for a few things I dislike.

  1. I don’t drink alcohol.
  2. Groups of young folks boozing could end badly. (Arguments, flirtations, near occasions of sin!)
    That’s why I’m thinking coffee socials. Offer, water, soda, tea, coffee…Just leave the booze at home. :cool:

I don’t know if someone mentioned this before because I scanned through the posts but you can easily start a meetup group. I have seen a few clubs first start at meetups and then expand.

Meetup.com makes it easy for people to find your group. Check it out if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Just caught this article on Theology on Tap in the St. Paul area. Two things caught my attention for your particular discussion:

]"Theology on Tap…brings young Catholic adults together one night per week, usually at a local bar* or restaurant**, for a six-week speaker and discussion series."
I recall some are uncomfortable encouraging an alcohol consuming environment so it was good to note that one could choose an establishment that doesn’t have a liquor license. I’m sure people will still attend for the food and other beverages.

*][LEFT]“Our ultimate good is to know who we are in God’s eyes,” said Davidson. “You are the middle man to reflect God’s love to others."[/LEFT]
What a great message to put out there for the 20 something’s of the Church! Looks like the success of a ToT program would be tied to the topics presented and by whom. It doesn’t seem like alcohol accessibility is as much as a factor as one would think.

For reference, this is the article source:
The CatholicSpirit.com article “Young adults build up friendships, faith in west metro”

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