ID to buy groceries?


I must be going to illegal grocery stores who aren’t enforcing the ID check.

Trader Joe’s did seem a bit suspicious with their inexpensive avocados and their counterfeit Oreo cookies.

I remember being a young girl, crossing the street to buy bread at the Italian grocery. I never realized getting a ciabatta was a clandestine affair. They sold it to me without any card.

I’m hoping someone can explain to me.



Man, to think all those times I bought candy with change at the grocery store as a kid I was performing an illegal deed. And know I’ve grown to a full grown adult set in my ways using self checkout and now showing an ID to anyone!

Years ago before Apple Pay was a thing I made a contactless payment with my phone (this is when Android pay was first released before AT&T, T-Mobile, and one other carrier tried to stall its use to promote their service of ill name, ISIS). The cashier had no idea how my payment worked and asked to see an ID. I dont know what she expected to see as there was no physical card to present with it. She was confused and I went on my way.


I realize this is a younger crowd here, but it wasn’t that long ago that people paid for groceries and other items with paper checks rather than debit/credit cards, and yes, you had to show ID if you used a check. I’m old enough to remember grocery stores issuing check cashing cards in which you filled out a form similar to a credit application and let them make a copy of your ID. Then rather than showing your government ID to write a check, you’d show your store specific card.


You definitely need an ID to buy alcohol and tobacco products at the grocery store. I’ve needed an ID many times at the grocery store. Trump is correct if he means when you buy these products as well as some pharmaceuticals. He is also correct when you write a check. It would be incorrect to say you never need an ID at the grocery store.


I knew there would be someone able to translate for me.


If you want to buy any over the counter drug with pseudoephridine (Sudafed) in it, you need to show ID.


And this is why, ladies, men should have a lab and work experience in buying the milk and bread :sob::sunglasses:


Or is Melania asking for his photo credit card or the like and telling him, it’s photo Id to buy your food and maccas fast food


He is partially correct. If one purchases alcohol, tobacco, Sudafed they do. Our grocery store only requires ID once to write a check. They scan it.

I highly doubt that he or his family have set foot in a grocery store.

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For the most part, people use an “ID” that not only identifies them, but verifies that they have either money in the bank or credit sufficient to buy whatever they are buying.

How does an ID inform whether or not someone has sufficient funds?

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I can tell by your avatar and user name that you are a hairy intellectual that’s probably broke from buying very expensive books and of course, bananas

So a photo Id will tell the store keeper to increase the price of books amd bananas by 70%for you


lol, funny. I once had a primate of some type as an avatar, but it was erased. I guess the mods did it; the image might have been taken a certain way in evolution discussions over in the philosophy forum.

I have subscriptions that cover most of my books needs. With all the savings I’m able to allocate a much larger portion of my funds to bananas.

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Well, obviously, he meant that you may need a photo ID to buy groceries under the SNAP program (formerly “food stamps”).

The argument is frequently made that low-income people can’t obtain photo IDs to vote because of this or that. But presumably these people can get the IDs they need to get public assistance.


Try using a credit card someday that’s maxed out. I didn’t say it’s a photo ID.

Electronic verification. You insert your card and enter a pin number. This allows the merchant to both verify your identity and verify that your have sufficient funds/credit to make your purchase.

It’s probably been a while for Trump. I imagine it was a time (30+ years ago) before grocery stores had adopted credit/debit cards as acceptable forms of payment and you either had to use cash or write a check. Grocery stores didn’t used to accept credit cards and debit cards are a relative recent innovation.

That’s interesting. While considered a form of payment my local stores don’t consider a credit card to be an ID. That’s not an objection to anything that you’ve said. I do find the broad interpretation of “ID” in this context to be interesting.

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I realize it’s not what often comes to mind when one says “ID”, but that’s certainly what a credit card does. It identifies you as a particular person who has a given amount of money or credit.

Regardless, I have, in my life, been asked for a credit card as an additional form of ID. It has my name on it, like my driver’s license does. Tends to verify who I am.

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All a credit card proves is that some company is allowing some person to borrow money to be used to pay the seller. It does not say that the person presenting the card is the same one that the bank issued the card to.

Many cards do not require a pin number or even a signature for purchases under $25.00.

Many sellers do not ask for ID that will match the face of the person presenting the card to the name on the card. Many don’t check the signature on the card to the one used at purchase time.

So no, a credit card is not really a form of identification.


Just an out-of-touch rich white guy who hasn’t been to a grocery store in decades. Whatever.

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