Idaho pastor shot in church parking lot [CNN]


Idaho pastor shot in church parking lot

(CNN)An Idaho pastor was shot in the parking lot of his church Sunday, according to authorities.

Tim Remington was found by police at 2 p.m. local time next to the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene with multiple gunshot wounds, said Detective Jared Reneau of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department. Remington underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.

Remington delivered the invocation at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday, but at the moment, police do not have any information indicating that the shooting was politically motivated, Reneau said.

This pastor prayed at a Ted Cruz rally, so people are watching this story. I’ve seen other details, so I will see what is confirmed. Thank goodness, Pastor Remington is in stable condition after multiple gunshot wounds.


I hope that they catch the perpetrator as soon as possible.


I really hope that his being shot was just coincidental to his prayer at the Cruz rally. I mean it was terrible that he was shot at all, and outside a church no less, but the implications that someone would think it’s fair game on a supporter of a competing politician (and clergyman at that) is just too much to fathom.


As much as I agree with you, as divisive as the political climate in America has been for the last decade or so, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was politically motivated.

I pray that this pastor has a quick and complete recovery.


Praying for the Pastor’s health & recovery.


I don’t like to quote “”, it’s just sort of a new website with click bait and comments but their article leads me to believe the alleged shooter probably had sorts of prior problems with the Pastor who likely counseled him in the past. So, I don’t know what this means.

Also, Family and Friends expect the Pastor to be able to leave the hospital later this week but?? After being shot 6 times and still in critical condition? Sounds like also, one of the bullets narrowly missed a vital organ.

So, we can pray for the best.


Yeah from what I was reading he was shot in the head too and was lucky it didn’t penetrate into his brain. So a minor miracle there. But it does sound like this may not have been political after all and may have been a counseling issue gone awry.


Same story from another news website:

He sounds like a stand up kind of pastor. But inviting any and all into his home is a recipe for things like this to happen, sad to say. At least he’s going to recover, thanks be to God.


Sad story.

Prayers said for the Pastor and his family.


Maybe PTSD could be involved too but that is a guess, I know little more about the accused except he was in the Marines.


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