Idaho School Teachers Dress as Mexican Stereotypes, Border Wall


I could understand why it is offensive today, yes.


Well, this is wrong for the same kinds of reasons.


The word racist is overused. Is American a race?People of all races live in Mexico…


I agree. That’s why I’m asking how it’s racist.


I would disagree, but I can see your point.


My recommendation would be that the people who are offended by this get a hobby or some other useful thing to spend their time on.

I do agree that allowing themselves to be photographed like this was a bad decision. This was clearly something that would trigger SJWs.


The garb they’re wearing is almost entirely associated with indigenous/mestizo Mexicans. If their reasoning was “this is okay because some Mexicans are white,” then why did they tape on thick black mustaches?


Okay. On what points do you disagree?


Don’t worry, I ain’t mad atcha.

But how are you defining racist? Like what’s your standard here?


This definition:

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.


I’m pretty sure that using definitions is itself racist in The Current Year™. It’s also a microaggression against people who aren’t logical.


I disagree that blackface and this are similar.


Its the same thing, but to a different degree. Both are cartoonish, crude stereotypings of an ethnic group.


This was an after school team building exercise apparently, so while in very bad taste the punishment seems appropriate. Had they worn this getup during school hours they should have been fired. Not really just for the wall part but moreso for characterizing “Mexicans” in the way they did.

The overall climate of education from preschool to college needs reformed anyway. Anyone interjecting a political opinion of their own needs one warning and then fired the next time it happens. I have a middle schooler whose teacher referred to our President as an orange baboon!!! It is completely unacceptable to foist your politics onto children, whose parents neither need nor want their assistance on this matter.


In both cases, members of the dominant “race” theatrically play up stereotypical traits of marginalized ethnic groups without regard for how members of those groups might feel about it.


At least they didn’t do anything seriously offensive, like depict interracial dating, right?


I never understood why being a social justice warrior (SJW) is bad?

What else would you be? A social injustice warrior? Someone who is indifferent to social justice and therefore to the plight of their fellow man?

If the Church fights for social justice, does that make the Catholic Church an SJA (Social Justice Army) filled with SJW’s? Is the Holy Father an SJW?

The buzzwords the right uses are ridiculous. “SJW,” “beta,” “cuck,” “virtue signalling…” They’re all so meaningless and vapid when you actually research there origins and think about them and what they mean.

Catholics who are drawn to this sort of thinking would do well to tune out of infowars and Fox news and instead turn to the Scriptures and the writings of the USCCB and the Pope.


Words and phrases have meanings that go beyond their etymological origins.

An SJW is a person who is militantly intolerant of any differing opinion, and/or seeks to have ideas and expressions censored for no reason other than the idea or expression allegedly being “offensive”.


Militantly intolerant of what sort of different opinion?

I am militantly intolerant of fascism, communism, racism, Marxism, Nazism, and many other evil ideologies. If a neo-Nazi espousing racist ultra-Nationalist political doctrine says something and I oppose them and am militantly intolerant of their views, am I an SJW?


Some people who use sjw pejoratively are referring to people who get offended by absolutely everything. Some other people use it to mean people who think black people should be able to vote. :man_shrugging:t3:

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