Idaho School Teachers Dress as Mexican Stereotypes, Border Wall


I don’t think Spencer is an actual nazi. He’s certainly a racist, which isn’t much of an improvement.

Let’s take half a step back. Would you consider yourself a racist? Just once I’d like to hear someone have the courage to say, “yeah I am, what about it?” instead of dodging with complaints about name calling and sarcastic references to trigger warnings.


Let me get this straight… These teachers were told to dress up as stereotypes of people from various countries and nobody in all its planning stopped to say “hey, maybe this ain’t such a great idea.”? I’d much sooner discipline these people for stupidity.

Oh, and the Border Wall gals were presumably stereotyping American people, right? All of us as racist, Border Wall supporting yokels? Or am I reading too much into that?


I don’t think he’s a Nazi per se, as in a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party - the NSDAP doesn’t exist anymore, so at “best” the only thing anyone espousing that sort of ideology can say is that they are a “neo-Nazi” or just a “national socialist.”

But I think he is sympathetic to many Nazi ideas, and that the ideology he espouses is in the “spirit of Nazism…” Meaning he borrows a lot of their tactics and talking points in his own way.

Look no further than the video of him shouting “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” after referring to the media as “lugenpresse” while several of his cronies make the Nazi salute - if you can’t see the clear parralels and influence of Nazism in this example, you’re either willfully ignorant, blinded by political ideology, or thick in the head - or some combination of those 3 things.


Probably, but with a lot of these people it’s hard to tell when they’re being sincere and when they’re just being offensive to get attention/be “edgy.”



" a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race"

I don’t believe that, and I’m not aware of anyone who does. In practice, the word racist is a meaningless pejorative.


Everybody wants everybody else fired for anything these days. Just say an injudicious word, and you can lose your living forever. I’m so relieved that my husband and I are old and retired.


I’m pleasantly surprised, although I have to then wonder what your beef is with interracial marriage. I also don’t buy that you genuinely don’t believe anyone holds racist views under that definition.


I think that each race is valuable and should be preserved.

I’m sure there’s someone out there, I’ve just never come across such a person, as it is a rather cartoonish position.


What about the races and ethnic groups that arose from racial mixing? Racial populations have never been totally static. Why should we suddenly try to freeze the present situation in amber?


You have to remember semper_catholicus, that the left throws the race card around like Aaron Rogers throws TDs. It’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook.


To me, extremest philosophy is trying to get everybody fired who disagrees with you. That isn’t extreme?

I don’t know how old you are, but up until recently, most of us, our favorite quote was, Though I disagree with what you say, I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. (I sure miss those days.)

Just because somebody doesn’t agree with you right down the leftist line, doesn’t mean you have to make it your life’s mission to destroy their career. Can’t we have civilized discourse? Does everything call for revenge from you?

So if you say something that somebody else takes offense at, they can try to get you fired for it, right? Did you ever hear of sauce for the goose?


Did you mean you’re not aware of any personally like you don’t know any racists in person?

Or that you’re not aware like you don’t know people exist who hate Jews and want to shoot up their Synagogues or people who are KKK or neo-Nazis aren’t racist?


What about them? They exist and should preserve themselves.

Nothing lasts forever. That doesn’t mean that the decline of racial and ethnic groups should be willfully facilitated.


It’s just my opinion that someone who has such poor judgment as to do something like this shouldn’t be teaching kids.

I’m sorry if you don’t like that or you think it makes me a leftist - but I will defend to the death your right to voice your disagreement with my position.


I’ve never come across anyone, in real life or online, who claims that one race is inherently superior to another, though I’ll grant that such people probably exist in some very small number. I’ve occasionally encountered people who hate other races, but they are also rare.


Why should they preserve themselves? How are they anymore worthy of existence as a group than whatever new admixture would arise in their place? If “mongrel” races aren’t worthy of existence, why should the existing ones bother to defend their existence as a distinct unit, since they’re likely the result of some earlier mixing. And if “mongrel” races are worthy of existence, why should we make any effort to stop voluntary genetic mixing?



Then maybe you should do some research about hate groups or go on YT and watch documentaries of modern KKK, neo-Nazis, etc. Or go to the primary sources and visit some of the sick racist neo-Nazi websites there are.

I can PM you a link to an online forum filled with dedicated racists - but it’s too vile to link to publicly.


They are being disciplined. I just don’t think they have to be ruined for one mistake. Forgiveness and all that good stuff? They were dragged through the media and disciplined at school. Do you really think they’ll ever do this again?


Um, refused to participate? Stand up for what is actually right?


If they are sincerely sorry and realize how stupid it was to do then I would be okay with them retaining their position.

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