Idaho School Teachers Dress as Mexican Stereotypes, Border Wall


Thank you, CML. We can agree to agree.


Yeah, I would agree this is more worthy of a public scolding than loss of a job. More of a “what were you idiots thinking” than anything else.


Look at it this way. Taxpayer-funded teachers at a taxpayer-funded public elementary school collectively agreed to host an event making a clear political statement and post it on social media.

Fellow and sister Catholics, how would you feel if your children’s teachers were hosting a “team-building” event like this on campus to support Planned Parenthood?


On further reflection I agree, a reprimand is more in line as a punishment that fits the crime.

My initial response and call for termination was overly harsh and grounded in a reactionary attitude, which I repent of and denounce as wrong.


“Sensitivity” training and paid administrative leave are not “discipline.”

They should, at a minimum, face unpaid leave or salary freezes . . . something that stings at least a little. Apart from being racist, what they did was grossly unprofessional.


Yeah, like nobody ever did anything unprofessional before. So let’s scream for their blood.


Sensitivity training is stupid.

I think docking them 2 weeks pay would sting enough that they’d learn a lesson. Not to mention them being excoriated by the general public.

That punishment together with a sincere sorrow and repentance and then I’d be fine with them being back on the job.


Races and ethnic groups that actually exist have value. Hypothetical races and ethnic groups, which do not actually exist, do not.

It’s not a question of moving from one state to another that is better or worse. Actually existing groups, with their collective history, identity, and culture, have a legitimate interest in self-preservation, even if their potential replacement would be “better” by some measure.

Of course, new ethnic groups are generally in a worse position, since they lack the long collective memory that older ethnic groups do. This can be seen in the case of white Americans and black Americans, both of which are too ethnically mixed to identify with (or in many cases even know) the particular ethnic groups they are descended from. It is only after a long time that ethnic groups created by mixture can become “normal” ethnic groups.


Just so I can make sure I’m following: if enough members of two ethnic groups mix for long enough that a third ethnic group emerges, this is bad…until that third group has been around for long enough to develop its own distinct cultural characteristics, in which case it’s now a good thing that we must take affirmative steps to defend. This logic seems…faulty.

Not to mention the conflation of race and culture is highly suspect. For example, would you object to an Asian person whose family has been in the United States for five generations, and who is culturally identical to an American whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower, marrying a white person?


I haven’t seen their employee handbook, but I would be shocked if it didn’t have a specific policy requiring respect for others’ races, ethnicities, and cultures. Nearly every workplace does. And this took place during a team-building activity on school grounds, not in their private lives. They’d be toast in my school district, along with anyone who approved, designed, or otherwise participated in this “team-building”. The only thing I can think of explaining why they haven’t been fired, is that they aren’t sure who to blame it on and can’t afford to fire all of them at once. Clearly, this effort was organized by someone in some sort of leadership role. Some supplied those matching costumes and props. I wonder if some of them aren’t using the old “just following directions” justification. I think someone ought to be fired, and it might not even be someone in the actual photo. The whole school staff could probably stand some sensitivity training.


Nobody screamed, and nobody requested blood. A simple penalty to reinforce higher professional standards will suffice.


I don’t know anyone like that in real life.


I guess I missed the part of Scripture or Tradition or Magisterial teaching where it says that God at some point in time created multiple Adams and Eves, each representing one of each skin color, and then gave a directive to maintain that racial purity.

Well, if I act unprofessional at work, I might get fired.

I think it’s worthwhile to at least explain why what they did is wrong. Sure, some aren’t going to care, but it at least gives them a chance to grow rather than instilling fear of retribution.

That might be the biggest understatement of this thread!


First Amendment rights are not at question here. Violation of their employment contracts through their bad actions however likely is…


Isn’t it cultural appropriation for a non-black CAF poster to quote Tupac?


Why? :confused:


Define “race.”


Yes but such things would possible make Hispanic students quite uncomfortable; they have every right to be taught in a dignified environment and though probably meant in jest, such things can be a “trigger” or bring out negative feelings and bitterness among them; to a population that already experiences racism.


No, there’s a problem with the people. Many Americans shared Hitler’s antisemitism and eugenics-flavored worldview, and if you think such views weren’t utterly heinous, then that’s deeply concerning.


Pray tell, what is “white” culture? Why do you assume all “white” people are culturally interchangeable? Is an Irishman culturally interchangeable with an Italian? Is a Texan culturally interchangeable with a New Yorker?

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