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So I have had an idea for quite some time. I was thinking of starting a website to introduce Traditional Catholicism to young people like myself and just about trying to live a Catholic life in this day and age. Kind of like a or kind of concept. Where people can submit articles and stuff. If you have any idea for names or thinks it is a good idea just tell me.

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Looks nice but there should be at least one article and one podcast at launch. Will you allow comments? Moderated comments at least to get discussions going and questions asked. Perhaps at least a few FAQ’s for those with no experience of Traditionalism…also, what specifically it is and is not!

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Why would you need a site for traditional Catholics but aimed only at young people? :thinking:


There are two different ways to run a site— one as a resource, the other as a community. Having a website be a resource is more affordable, because it’s static. People visit to read articles, look at photos, and so on. The other is a community. People tend to visit it more frequently— but you need to know more stuff, and you probably need to have a hefty dose of sockpuppeting for the first year or two, until there are enough routine visitors to keep the conversations going without your involvement.

I was listening to a podcast about the developer of a successful real estate investing forum. One of the things they pointed out was that when people go to a new forum, whether they stick around or not is often a choice made on the number of people/threads already there. If there doesn’t seem to be much activity, they’ll keep on moving. But if there already seems to be people hanging out and talking about stuff, they’re more likely to join in.

So, figure out what you want to do. If you just want to write blog articles, that’s cool. If you want to have an online community, that’s cool, too. If you want to do do articles, and podcasts, and a YouTube channel, and whatever else, stop and make an outline of 10, 20, 50 things that you think would be useful, and what format would make them most accessible. Then dedicate yourself to developing that content, and posting to that platform… but wait until you’ve gotten 10, 20, 40 things out for people to look at, so that they don’t see there’s just one or two things going on, and move on without seeing if you ever develop a third or fourth thing.


Thanks, didn’t really launch it just seeing what people thought as a format. Also I’m still trying to figure things out with it. But the faqs sound like a great idea.

Because the vast majority of young Catholic have not been exposed to tradition. Just trying to spread the beauty of the traditional Catholicism.

Thanks, i did not have a forum in mind. But i guess I could add a comment section or something along those lines.

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