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Hey! I was wondering what all suggestions you guys could provide for a date–something way more interesting than just the movies. I’ve talked to friends about this, and they usually draw a blank.



How about going bowling? Is there something like a carriage ride or something similar in your area? Are there places like here in Gramercy they torch wooden Christmas “trees” and have a fair like event, or in City Park in New Orleans they have the entire place lit up for the holidays, how about a zoo or aquarium? Historical sights? Good luck and God Bless.


I suggest bowling as well. Women love art museums. A play at a community theater often goes over well too.


holiday light display
ice skating (if you both do)

And if you’re in a warmer climate, what about mini-golf? My dh & I did this for almost every summer date we had when we first started dating! In fact, it’s what we did after dinner on our first date! :slight_smile:


I’ve been on some fun dates in my time:

rafting: fun and adventurous, but it takes a whole day and her makeup can’t be perfect.

amusement park: plenty of time to get to know each other in the line-up for the next ride.

theme night: pick a country, and pick activities on that theme for the date. For example, tacos and salsa dancing. Hot dogs and baseball. (Don’t pick her heritage, though, because if you get it wrong she may not be impressed)

Shooting range: One of the best dates I had was when a guy took me to a barbecue restaurant for ribs, and then to a bb-gun shooting range. We laughed, we cheered, we won prizes, and I gave the teddy bear prize to a little girl who dropped her ice cream later. The relationship didn’t work out, but later I took my friends to the same restaurant and shooting range.

Beach: If you’ve got a beach nearby, go there for an afternoon walk. Look at starfish and nice shells. Bring a picnic. If you have time and it’s not too cold, watch the sunset together (I guess that means it should be a west-facing beach!). Here in Korea, you can light firecrackers and small fireworks at the beach, so if you’re allowed, that can be fun and romantic too. If not, how about sparklers?

Those are some fun dates I’ve had with ex-boyfriends. With my soon-to-be-fiance, we’re both broke, and we haven’t been on a “real” date yet - by real I mean two people going out for dinner and a movie. We’ve had dinner with his friends, we’ve had brunch with my friends, we went to a bingo game, we watched a basketball game in a high school gym, I watched him play in a basketball game, we’ve cooked dinner at my house for his friends, we’ve gone to his friend’s house, we’ve watched movies on my computer, and we’ve sung karaoke with his friends (on their karaoke machine). Maybe if we save up, we can do dinner and a movie around Christmas!

For me, dating is about having adventures together.


I am sure I am repeating some of the suggestions given above but, here are a few more:

live music concert (rock, symphony, jazz, high school band or choir, coffee shop or bar with live music)
dance performance (ballet, jazz, modern, etc.)
a dance (where you can dance together)
art galleries, museums, art shows
various types of shows (home, garden, travel)
shopping, particularly at out of the way locations
boat rides (canal boats, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, sail boats, river boats, peddle boats,…)
dinner or lunch (including picnics)
ice skating, skiing, sledding, …
roller skating
cultural sites such as zoos, museums, historical buildings and sites
sports events (major league, minor league, local college or high school)
live theater
horseback riding
last but not least, special events at your church

another idea would be to do volunteer work together or participate in a fundraiser


Thanks for the advice! We sort of winged it (as the whole thing was pretty spontaneous), but I we had an awesome time. And I feel like after talking so much we got a chance to know each other a lot more.

Thanks! This thread can be closed unless you guys want to continue to expand on great ideas for dates.


C’mon, after all that hype you’re just going to leave us hanging? Where did you GO on the date? :smiley:


Ha, ha! Well, a little background first: :wink:

The girl I’ve been crushing on is someone that instantly stuck out to me at my new school. She does her own thing and isn’t afraid to… She seemed really separated from the others, most of whom just go with the flow. When she was transferred into one of my classes (and was seated right behind me), I took it as nothing short of a sign. I felt Christ asking me to reach out to her, to talk to her, to get to know her… At the time, I wasn’t at all inclined to think anything romantic of it. But the more I began to see how unique and fun and kind she was, the more I was taken aback, till at Catechism one night, I asked one of the instructors, my friend’s mom, about inter-faith relationships. Her daughter sensed that I was referring to someone at our school and demanded a name. I told her and she from that day forward spent all of her impulsive energy trying to persuade me to ask her out–which I did Friday.

I was in a state of panic earlier today, needless to say, trying to find something to do rather than the traditional (and overrated) movies-thing. When she called back, I was happy to hear a tinge of excitement, which let me know I wasn’t alone in that area. We agreed that she would come over my house, meet everyone, and we’d go from there. We ended up deciding to rent something (which is entirely different than going to a dark movie theater, which is something of a restrictive environment in my own opinion). Of course, that was some of the most fun, because we talked so much at the store that we had a hard time picking anything. Then, when finally we had narrowed it down, we went to Starbucks. We talked some more. When we got home, my mother was already baking cookies for us, which she later brought in. I think it was a cool thing for her to see as she describes her own relationship with her mom as being somewhat estranged.

We shared and joked through the first half of the movie. We ate cookies, she bonded with my dog, and I think it was awesome for us to see each other outside of the school environment.

All in all, maybe not the most creative idea, but as time was strained (as was my brain), I think we did pretty excellent. She told me that it was all amazing and I think it made her weekend.

Thanks for the advice, guys!


I think that sounds like a great date! I hope you get to hang out with her more:)


I think movies are always awkward because you can’t even talk!
I like when guys get creative and do actual activities, like ice-skating, bowling, kayaking, walking to go have a picnic (lunch or dinner), make dinner together (scan a recipe book or internet together for good recipe, grocery shop together, YOU buy, make, eat!), ride bikes to hear a free band play or ride them somewhere…


The best ideas are such that come to your head, not mine. :wink: They’re the best because they’re yours. Better still if they’re shared between you and your girl. If you’ve had enough of cinemas, it may be time for theatre or opera of philharmony. People have mentioned museums and that’s something to fill with joy the heart of a geek. What else? Could look for some ballroom dancing classes - well, keeping it real, I guess, that would include Latino and rock & roll and other products of the past century. Then you could look for a normal dancing place with normal music… though I guess that’s like fighting windmills.

What else? Trekking isn’t bad. Sightseeing trips. Going to places. Things you would love to do on your own, if you’d love to share them with her, why not offer? It doesn’t have to be dating places.

And you could play chess in a park. If not chess, then snakes & ladders, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, other board games. I had a friend with whom I loved playing chess in cafes. Even though nothing came out of it in the end, I fondly recollect those memories, hoping she wasn’t the last of the species known as The Girl Who Will Play Chess With You. Hehe.

If she’s a geek, you could try a LAN party. If she’s a warrior girl, there’s paintball. If you like bowling, then why not. If you’re into sports, some of it you could surely do together and I don’t mean just skating.

Now let your imagination loose and stick with your own ideas. :wink:

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