Ideas for a family gift for Christmas?


I have to run out today to get a last minute gift for a family that will be at our Christmas Eve dinner. It is a mom, dad and two boys almost 10 and 12. THEY ARE NOT RELIGIOUS! Kids not baptized. Dad raised catholic but seriously out of it. (the whole situation is so sad). Anyway, I want to get them maybe a dvd or something that might give values, without being to obvious. Boys are not into sports really, mostly video games, the older one may have a touch of Asperger.
They are a nice family but faith discussions are impossible. My hope is that one day something will just click, and I am looking for ways to make that sooner rather than later.
(A great Christmas gift for this family is always prayers, if anyone has some to offer!)


what about making a gift basket for a movie night (popcorn, snacks, gift card for a movie rental etc.)?


I will be praying for this family. And God bless you for your concern for them. I’d like to recommend a movie that’s now out on DVD called “The Ultimate Gift”. It is not overtly Christian but does teach the value of caring for others. It has exciting parts, funny parts, sad parts. My whole family has enjoyed it. It’s rated PG. Give them some pop and popcorn and tell them to enjoy an evening together. Merry Christmas!


Thanks so much for your advice, and I kind of took them both. I got the family movie tickets. I wish I had more time to order The Ultimate Gift, because that is exactly what I was looking for.
One funny thing, a few years ago the older boy was asking me about a Crucifix that I had and I was explaining the cross to him. His grandmother was there also. I tried to be informative but not obvious, and after I was done he asked “Oh, is that the sign of peace?” His grandmother laughed, but I thought about it and decided it was fine to tell him yes, Jesus is the sign of peace.


Oh I read the book “Ultimate Gift” really awesome and a great message:thumbsup:


old fashioned but has been appreciated and used by every family I give it to, is a giant jigsaw puzzle, careful choice of picture could be what you are after, nothing obvious like Jesus or a church, but something with “family values”.


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