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As many of you probably know, one of my guy friends has really been there a lot for me this year and we’ve gotten really close (not romantic in the slightest but more like older brother/younger sister). He’s also graduating in a few weeks and he’s leaving for Africa in a few months to help out. I’m planning on baking biscotti but I don’t know. I don’t know what to get for a guy who’s not your family or boyfriend. Any ideas?


Does he have a hobby? Get him something to do with that… no romantic overtones there… just good ole fun!


Maybe a travel book on Africa – even if he’s moving there for a longer length of time it could give him some history, things to see…


He’s your friend. What would you do for a female friend who is leaving for a distant trip?

I would get him something small (easy to carry or pack) that would be good to have on his trip.

Give him the cookies, too. Can he get care packages while he is gone? You could do that occasionally, too.


A nice leather soft back travel journal/diary.


Awesome ideas! Thanks! But also, please keep in mind that my budget is a bit tight.


You could get him some little games to play, like a deck of cards, something like left right center or some other travel/dice game.


Here is one example


I second this idea!


Well, I ended up giving him biscotti, which he liked. I couldn’t go too crazy but he didn’t mind. For someone who spoils the rest of us, he hates it when he’s on the receiving end of it;)

I thanked him for being there so much for me this year and he told me, “No, don’t thank me. That’s what friends are for.” He also told me I was like his little sister and that he’d always be there for me.

I also had given to a couple of my other friends who are leaving. God was good to me this year and gave me amazing friends. Yes, they come and go, but they’re all gifts from God and my time with them, no matter how long or short, is an amazing blessing.

Praise God for good people:)


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