Ideas for Gag Gifts


We are attending a surpise birthday party for a friend who is turning 40. Any ideas for fun gag gifts? We’ve done the antacids, preparation H type “over-the-hill” gifts before, but am looking for something a little different.



So are you looking for non-over-the-hill type gag gifts?

My family loves the can of “PET FART”

You get an empty opaque jar, make up a label for it (preferably typed with fine print to look legit) and put a note in it that says “Oops, you let it out!”

You can give prostate health supplements to a woman, or breast health supplements to a man.

Chocolate candy dispensed from an animal’s backside

Cassette tapes that date the individual not only by the fact that they’re cassettes, but by the style as well- disco or “classic” 80s rock maybe


Playing cards with BIG numbers, a book on sex after forty, a BIG magnifying glass.


I have a lot of fun at thrift stores. I will buy them a new wardrobe, perhaps a self-help book or two and perhaps some home decor! It is quite fun looking for the most ghastly things I can find!

This is fun to shop for, besides it is less expensive. Buying Geritol and Preparation-H and medications like that is not cheap especially it can be wasteful if you know they are going to toss it.

Hope this helps.


Dr. Seuss’ You’re Only Old Once! :slight_smile:


On my bosses best friends birthday she hung bra’s across her yard with a HUGE sign that said Happy 40th … it was up on the main drag in town and it was hysterical… there must have been 30 bras hanging across her front yard!!!


**Is the b-day boy ok with gag gifts? Personally, I HATE them. I appreciate thoughtful, useful gifts and have never gotten the point of gag gifts. Now, I realize that some people have a blast with them and that’s fine…just make sure he is one of them first!



Is it a man or woman gag gift?


It is for a woman who has a great sense of humor. Thanks for all your ideas – keep them coming!


Seriously the bra thing had the whole town cracking up… I didn’t work for my boss at the time and I knew all about it… totally funny! When I started working here I mentioned it one day and my boss 'fessed up that it was her idea… I laughed my butt off!!!


The flower shop where I work does a bouquet for the over-the-hill gang. Using rose stems (preferably dried out and dead looking), they add prunes where the blooms would have been and decorate with black ribbon and some ugly dead filler flowers.



We did a “kind-of” gag gift for my Boss when she turned 50. I found an old picture of her in High School and put it in a nice frame. When she opened it she didn’t even know it was her!!


A can of prunes with a gift tag, “You’ll need these…”

A mason jar full of M&M’s with another gift tag, “Memory pills. Take a handful as needed.”


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