Ideas for Latin inscription on wedding bands?

Hello, all!

I apologize in advance if this question is in the wrong subforum. Not exactly fodder for the heavy theological discussion I might’ve HOPED to incite my first time posting in months, but if there’s anywhere to find thoughtful insight and inspiration, I figured it’d be here :smiley:

My fiance and I are beginning to plan our wedding for next May, and the as eternity symbolism of the wedding bands has been of much interest to us we’re trying to come up with ideas as to what we’d like fairly early on. Something that appealed to both of us was the idea of a plain band inscribed with something meaningful in Latin - a resounding verse of Scripture, perhaps, or something lyrical. I’d love the bands to match exactly, but splitting a longer verse onto two bands would be a neat twist, too.

What do you think - any ideas as to what we could do? We’d appreciate your thoughts :slight_smile: Thank you and God bless!

Omnia vincit Amor - Love conquers all.

Compliments of Bishop Sheen: ***Cor ad cor loquitor ***-- Heart speaks to heart.

I know the Marines are known for this one but hey, it fits.

Semper Fidelis “Always Faithful”.


Pope John Paul’s motto was 'totus tuus" meaning ‘all yours’ and referring to Mary. How about ‘totus tuus in Jesu’ meaning ‘all yours in Jesus’? I’m not very good at Latin so you would have to ask someone about the spelling and grammar to be sure.

Why not just Totus tuus’?

I’ve always been partial to “Plus qu’hier, moins que demain”. I know that’s French but perhaps you could get someone to translate it to Latin for you.

To celebrate our engagement I bought my husband a poesy ring (google it, there’s lots of cool stuff out there) that says “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” in Gaelic from Solomon’s Song of Songs, Chapter 2, verse 16. To make it even more meaningful, we had this reading at our wedding mass. They have lots of other lovey options in latin. Amor Vincit Omnia” translates as “love conquers all." Amor Meus translates as, “My Love.” I think this one looks pretty cool: It says “Semper Amemus”

AH, this website has some cool ones!
I particularly like “Erunt Duo In Carne Una” (They shall be two in one flesh) and “Ex Toto Corde Et In Tota Anima” (With all my heart and all my soul from the Gospel according to Matthew).

For the husband, there is only one choice: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!

I about laughed my head off at that one.

M :smiley:

We did the “totus tuus” thing in our rings. My husband’s ring has the message from me, which is in the feminine gender, “tota tua.” My ring has the message from him, in the masculine, “totus tuus.”


Based on Ephesians 5 (but perhaps too long for a ring?):

Viro tuo subdita sis, sicut Domino
Be subject to your husband, as to the Lord

Dilige uxorem tuam, sicut et Christus dilexit Ecclesiam, et seipsum tradidit pro ea
Love your wife, as Christ loved the Church, and delivered himself up for her


My husband and I carried over what my mom and dad had on their wedding bands: AML AML, which stands for All My Love All My Life. I can’t think of anything that says it simpler or better than that! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for your ideas! The websites were very helpful too - I had no idea Latin inscriptions on wedding bands were all that common. Good to know there are lots of options =)

I’ve considered Totus tuus, actually - my fiance spoke of our Mother Mary’s fiat right before proposing, and a major reason we wanted our wedding to be next May was because it was her month - she’ll be honored in our ceremony too :slight_smile: Something a bit more poetic would be IDEAL - I did find a couple online resources with various Psalmic and liturgical translations. I suppose the question is, what would we like to see and be reminded of EVERY DAY for the rest of our lives on earth? :slight_smile:

Again, I appreciate all your help - definitely have many more choices now!

How about “Ego tu amo semper” (I love you always).

Congratulations and good wishes for a happy-ever-after! :smiley:

Ego te amo semper :wink:


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