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Hi everyone!

As another season of Lent approaches I wondered what everyone was doing for their Lenten penance? I usually give up meat on Wednesdays-not to mention Fridays. I already pre-ordered my Magnificat for Lent. I’m thinking I’m going to pray the Rosary everyday, since I’ve fallen behind on that. But I wanted so more ideas…so let me know what you’re doing!





Here’s one suggestion:

Maybe when you pray the Rosary you can add intentions (if you don’t already). Just take a peek at the intentions part of the forum for ideas.

I hope that helped!


I’m going to try fasting.

God bless!


Here’s something I have tried: to say, every day, a sincere prayer for someone I do not get along with at all. For instance, a person who had verbally attacked and belittled me. This year, I am thinking of someone I cannot respect at all, to be able to see the good in her that I know must be there.
Also I did a bread-and-water fast on Fridays. I didn’t hold my family to this, of course, so I was fixing dinner for them. This was not as much of a trial as it might have been because I am not very tempted by fishsticks, and they eat them with relish… (no pun intended)


I’ve been not eating meat on Fridays consistently, so continuing that observance into Lent & beyond is no biggie, personally. Otherwise, I’m doing a couple of things. One: I’ve decided to not go to see *Angels & Demons *as one of my penances. The Church, if She acknowledges the movie at all, will probably call for a boycott anyway, so as “penances” go, this one ain’t much. (It is for me personally, though, since I think Tom Hanks is cute, and also would like to see all that Rome scenery. The story’s pretty grusome, though, above and beyond all the pseudo-Catholic blarney, and I won’t mind not seeing the violence. Maybe I’ll rent a nice travelogue…) Two: I’m giving up all forms of fried potatoes. The whole lot – chips, fries, latkes, hash browns… This one’s going to be tricky. They’re everywhere! (I will not, however, be giving up beer :irish3: .)


In the same line, I have resolved to pray each day for the soul and the well-being of my ex-husband.


Lent is a good time for reading and reflecting on a book of the Bible. I suggest Jeremiah – just a little more than a chapter a day. If Jeremiah doesn’t put you in a lenten frame of mind, I don’t know what will!


I am spiritually dead and I am sick of it. So for this Lent I am going to be doing a lot in order to fix myself. This is going to include fasting where I’m going to try and fast Monday-Saturday. If that gets to be too much I will reduce that to a few days a week instead of the entire week. I’m shooting for almost every day though. Additionally I will be attending confession once every other week. I also plan on going to daily mass at least once a week. My other plan is to attend Benediction every single week.


Hi Maryelizabeth. I usually give up chocolate for Lent, and so I will do that again. I’m also going to try to “walk” the Stations of the Cross, each Friday of Lent.

And I’d really like to get one of my major faults under control… during Lent. I have one “picked out” to work on (I have so many, it was tough picking just one. But I didn’t want to go overboard, and get discouraged… by my weakness :blush: ). Please keep me in your prayers.

God bless.


I’ll be doing a partial fast (one meal with meat and two snacks without) on all the weekdays of Lent. Full fast on Fridays, with a vegan or bread&water fast on Ash Wednesday & Good Friday.

Giving up pop, alcohol, junk food, chocolate and any ‘dessert’ foods (cake, ice cream etc).

Also giving up late night tv :slight_smile:


Of course I will be giving up the traditional things such as; sweets, meat on Fridays etc… I will also be including spiritual help, I have a difficult time expressing myself, I’m very shy about really anything dealing with God and my beliefs, so I will be trying really hard to learn to express myself :slight_smile:



i will be giving up all junk food and attending mass as such as possible


Presentation ministries has a really good devotional.


I’m going to try to give up :rolleyes: rolling my eyes. :rolleyes:

Seriously, it’s a very bad habit of mine and a manifestation of pride.



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