Ideas for mortification


Dear Knight,
I think we moved away from mortification. Fasting is good. The gym hurts and is a good offering.
The brown scapular was a shirt before. It was hot and itchy. Sweating wouldn’t smell good. Get the smaller brown necklace scapular and wear and pray it. The rosary on your knees. Pillow or no pillow.
I saw Irish ppl climb Crough Patrick, on their knees. It’s 2510 ft high. There are 3 humps to the mountain.There are pebbles covering the top hump. Some were Barefoot. I just don’t know how they could do it.
At the shrine of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, some enter church on knees & advance to altar.
Could you do Stations of the cross on your knees??
There is a group of devout Catholics called Opus Dei. They wear a metal bracelet around their thigh, that pinches the muscle. Look up Opus Dei. I’m not sure of their standing w Rome???
I’m glad you are living your spiritual life w God. Pain or no pain. Get in your churches Bible Study.
In Christ’s love


Abstain from meat all the time like the Trappists.


When I try to do something–offer up something–it’s small. Like washing dishes when I want to watch TV… I try to say “this is for the conversion of sinners and sins against the Immaculate heart of Mary and the sacred Heart of Jesus…”


Try throwing your pillow on the floor and sleeping without it for a few hours. I think Sr. Faustina did that, too.


I sit upright at mass (daily mass) as a mortification, pretty uncomfortable not leaning back! Thanks for the suggestions here.


Opus Dei is fine with Rome AFAIK and their founder is a saint.
I tried to do the Fatima walk on my knees. I did not use knee pads or poles. I made it 2/3 of the way and had to stop as all the skin was off my knees. I may try again someday with knee pads.
Also saw people climbing the steps at Assist on their knees.
I don’t think I could go up a mountain on my knees. Barefoot maybe as you would actually have a better grip with your feet.


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