Ideas for presentation


I was in the right place at the right time :wink: A dream job/position has been created in an agency I’ve volunteered for, for several years. I had a semi-informal meeting with the director and a staff member earlier this week. I’m so excited!! Next step I have to present something to the staff members of the agency on Monday afternoon. I can choose ANY topic… yikes, that’s too broad for me! The presentation needs to last about 10 minutes… They need to know that I’ll be able to speak infront of a group… The position will eventually be presenting to Middle School and High School aged students… and I’ll be cofacilitating groups! I’m so thrilled!!! But I need help coming up with an idea to present? Any help out there???



What kind of agency, do you want to present on a morality issue. If your dealing with that age group I would be very tempted to look at the issue of chastity.


I agree. “An agency” is too broad to offer many concrete suggestions. What sort of work does this agency do?



Think about what it is you do for the agency. Write down five things that could be used in a ten minute presentation. Pick one. Stick to facts, don’t lecture, keep it neutral.


Maybe a presentation on peer pressure, and the internet. Or the dangers of myspace. That would be interesting, and if you will be presenting to MS and HS aged kids…that would be a big hit, I think…would really capture their attention. Just my two cents.


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