Ideas for pro life activists in a non-aware environment


First, I’m not in the USA, but in Eastern Germany. There is no pro life movement here at all. Generally, german pro life groups are mainly organised by Christians of mixed denomination, but here, the vast majority is atheist.
I talked to the southern german office of one large pro life group and we realized that most activities they do are only effective because people are generally aware of abortion as an controversial subject. They work with schools and women who reach out for an opinion in conflict and have a network of doctors and politicians who support their agenda. Where I live, this is not the case, it is sadly seen as a women’s right and was promoted by the socialist state for a long time. So even older people who identify as conservative are strongly for abortion.
Now, I decided to form a group here with the help of the southern german office (they offer to give talks here so that I can organise a get together) but I have no idea how to start in such an environment.
As I see pro life movement is much stronger in the USA, I would be happy to hear your thoughts.


Do you have any pro life real world friends you could band together with? It only takes a couple people to start a movement.


Is there a Catholic parish near you? Maybe find the pastor and see if he has a group or is a part of a group or knows activists. I know, Germany, home of the protestant stuff … there still might be a catholic church in there somewhere!

May God bless you for the work you do in keeping abortion awareness, it is really devastating and sharing the gospel of love and healing from God is the best stuff we got


Absolutely pray the Rosary every day so abortion stops! Pray to God!


Sometimes it helps to dial down the religious rhetoric. I think a lot of Americans look at the pro-life movement as a Christian (specifically Catholic) phenomenon, so it’s helpful to think about how you can recruit non-religious prolifers and address pro-choice people from a non-religious angle.


Thanks for your replies.
There is no establish group here in the area - catholic parishes are extremely small, overaged and sadly often not in line with being pro life, they don´t want to distract people with stating pro life opinions.
Yes, I do want to organise something independent from religion. But I don´t even know how to reach them, as they are not interested in what they think is an “radical and fanatic ideology”.
I could possibly mobilize some passice members of the pro life club I joined some hours away, but the lady at the office already tld me that they are old and won´t start something new on their own, the initial idea or project would come from me.


Classes on fetal development might be of interest. There was a scene in the movie Juno where the main character chose to keep her baby after being told it had fingernails.


Yeah, this is an impressive fact. But where to teach this? I´m not a doctor, nor a teacher.I´m a historian, not really the best profession to be taken seriously, even here where most doctors openly speak for abortion. All I would do in this way was talking as an “uneducated lay”…


Is there a family doctor in your parish who might be willing to lend their time? Or a biologist? Or an anatomy teacher?


Not one. I am befriended with a young medicine student in her last semesters, but she is unlikely to participate, because it´s affecting her job search after university. I won´t ask her with a good feeling because of this, I know it´s hard to stand the public voice here when you need an income.


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