Idea's For Scheduling Community Event Entertainment?


I have never done this before. I have signed up to be in charge of entertainment for our town’s largest community event of the year. I need to schedule entertainment for a 3-day event. I have been brainstorming ideas.

Does anyone have other entertainment ideas?

Here’s mine so far…

*]Face painting
*]magic show
*]henna tattoo
*]balloon artist
*]car show
*]singing contest
*]pie eating contest (Whipped cream pic)
*]Dunk Tank
*]Basket Ball Contest
*]Stupid pet trick contest
*]flower arranging
*]petting zoo
*]comedy show
*]outdoor movie
*]puppet show
*]jump rope contest
*]spelling bee
*]hula hoop contest
*]moon bounce
*]laser show
*]dancing contest
*]square dancing
*]Folk Dances
*]Native American Dances
*]Beautiful Baby contest
*]Photography Contest
*]Match the chamber member from baby picture to adult picture
*]street dance
*]arts and crafts
*]midnight bicycle ride through the town
*]water balloon games
*]pony rides
*]Tug ‘o’ war
*]volley ball
*]cheerleading competition
*]coin guessing contest
*]rare coin/antique appraisal
*]BBQ Competition[/LIST]


Do you have musical performers? My town’s yearly event has bands and singers usually from 5pm until 10pm (when the event ends for the day) and the last day usually has the headliner band/musician play from 8-10pm. Most other communities in my area have the same.


How large is your volunteer staff? Is your staff also responsible for tear down/clean up? How many hours per day will the event run.

The reason I ask, to organize and manage to pull off the number of events you have scheduled you would need an army! Those booths and activities will each need someone to oversee them, make them run smoothly - I’d not tackle 41 events over 3 days without at least 150 volunteers.

If you are going to run the event 10 hours, 10 AM to 8 PM. You will still need people there for 14 hours (set up, clean up, etc.). That means 2 shifts of volunteers. While some events would be vendor run, there will still need to be someone from the committee overseeing and assisting when the expeced and unexpected emergencies arrive. Some events would require many volunteers.

Some volunteers will not be able to work all 3 days, some will be late/leave early and some will not show up at all. You will need “floaters” to substitute and step in as needed.

It would be advisable to first understand your staffing, then plan events. Better that than having poorly managed or cancelled events that folks are expecting because it is realized too late that you cannot man them.

Remember that volunteers need to have a place for breaks, food and drinks provided, and free admission to any of the big paid events. Gotta keep em happy!

Agree with the person who suggested entertainment - some of your events appear to be stage events (dancing exhibits, singing competetion). I’d suggest finding local bands of all kinds (gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, rock and roll) to fill in during the day, then - hire a headliners for nighttime shows.

And good luck!!


WOW!!! I have nothing to add. Just WOW!!! Let us know where this is, so we can get on a plane nad be there. It’s going to be some event!!!


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