Ideas for staying OUT of mortal sin?

Since I only started taking my faith seriously this past year, I have been to confession numerous times for various mortal sins. Mostly lust; used to be masturbation but God has helped me deal with that. I still fall to lust sometimes, other times something else. Any ideas how I might stop mortal sinning so often??? I try hard already… Thanks all~

Start with daily Mass and Communion, and pray the rosary EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. :cool:

Eucharist and Rosary. Eucharist and Rosary. Eucharist and Rosary. EVERY DAY!

Oh, did I mention forget to mention this? EUCHARIST AND ROSARY EVERY DAY!


Pray the Rosary

Love the Lord as He suggested: with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength. There is then nothing left to sin with!

What triggers your desire to sin? Ponder that and remove those triggers. A gun will not shoot without a trigger. Would you lust after Christ? Since He is present in both male and female, think about that. Would you lust after the Holy Spirit? We are temples of the Holy Spirit - both male and female. Not so good to lust after that. We have to learn to look at all of creation with the eyes of God.

“I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. Go and spend time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Cleansing. Purifying. Illuminating. Empowering.

I totally agree with Catholic1954. And I’d like to share this with you. It helped me today –
I’ve been thinking of and praying to my Guardian Angel more than usual lately. I was reading about how powerful the angels are over the enemy.
Today I had one of those Holy coincidences. Or do you call them miracles? This guy, Gabriel, is another great and powerful catechist for our age. Watch his videos and you will truly be blessed. He takes the bull by the horns. Please pass on Gabriels’ links and messages +

You remind me about how each and every action we take has an effect on His creation.
Thanks, po18guy!
Any tips on trigger removal methods are much appreciated.


One more thing: you must (learn to) love the Lord above all else; wwith all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Its not easy, but remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

  1. Wear the brown scapular.
  2. Pray the Rosary.
  3. Make a daily examination of conscience.
  4. Remove yourself from bad environments, and bad influences from your environment.
  5. Remember that the way to overcome habits of sin is to love God more than you love yourself. Otherwise when you’re tempted you’ll do whatever pleases yourself in the moment.
  6. Remember the Four Last Things: death, judgment, Hell, and Heaven.
  7. Make devout Communions, and look up advice if you need ideas for how to do this better. We receive more grace from the Eucharist according to how much devotion and reverence we have at the time of reception.
  8. Most importantly, ask for God’s help. It’s amazing how often we forget to do this. :o

If you are a woman, I suggest taking the herb vitex (also known as chaste berry.) I’ve read that men shouldn’t take it. I don’t know why, but I read that they shouldn’t, although monks in the middle ages used to take it.

First, you will have to draw back from the culture in a few ways. If you consider the absolute saturation of modern media with images that should be considered inappropriate, if not sexist, then you start to realize where the problem is. Email providers, internet providers, print media (especially ads), broadcast and cable TV, radio. Pop culture. You will have to dump a lot of it. Watch EWTN, listen to Catholic radio. Look others in the eyes and not at their body. Strive to see Christ in their eyes and you will not gaze upon the rest of them. Take note of those times, places and situations in which you feel “that feeling” arising. Those are the first things that you must avoid. Those are the triggers. Do you have to change your lifestyle? Yes! That is called moving toward holiness. After all, the word “holy” means “set apart” You are not set apart if you do all the things that everyone else does, or watch all those same movies or read the same magazines. Make a few changes and get big results. This is a process, mind you.

Stay busy and go to mass daily and pray the rosary!


You can do it! :thumbsup:

I kinda do most of those things. The problem is that I get nighttime temptations that strike every once in a while. I’ll have like a sexual dream and I’ll wake up with thoughts of it haunting me, tempting me to give into thinking about it willingly. I know that in a half-awake state you are not responsible for your actions, but it’s hard to distinguish!

I think that this happens to most men. Teach yourself to reject such thought as soon as you become aware of it. Yes, this twilight time between sleep and wakefulness is a time in which temptations arrive. Mary is a powerful ally, as she is queen of purity, and our example. Saint Michael the Archangel is also a good prayer for these spiritual attacks.
Staying OUT of mortal sin…
Try this. Tighten up to a new habit.
Make the ’state of grace’ your friend and only friend.
To sin is to die.
Tie a Rosary around your wrist. Images of Jesus and Mary in your head and rooms around you.
Together forever and ever. Amen.

There’s a reason some of the best sports teams came from catholic high schools. Exercise releases a lot of tension and a relaxed exhausted body is easier to control. It works for me when trying to avoid the sin of gluttony, we often forget about that one. Keep strong, god loves you and understands the struggle you are going through. I will say a prayer for you.

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