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We’re stopping in New Orleans for a couple of days in Aug on a road trip to FL and need some ideas of what to do and where to stay. Our oldest is 3, then almost 2, and one born in Feb. Some people have already given us St. Louis Cathedral and Cafe Du Monde, and I’ve been web browsing. It’s hard to tell what is kid friendly though.

And then where to stay. B/c we have small children I was hoping to be somewhere NOT in the middle of nightlife. My husband wants to stay somewhere kind of nice, maybe a suite so we can make our own food. Or private B&B.

Thanks in advance.


You might want to check out the Louisiana Children’s Museum:

Also the Aquarium of the Americas:

Have fun and dress for very warm weather!



The aquarium, the children’s museum, city park,i’m not sure what is open please call them), lafreniere park just outside of new olreans,, the zoo (go early morning or late afternoon), are all great places to bring kids. I was born and raise here and there are many wonderful things for families.
You may want to look at staying outside the city – Kenner (has a Holiday Inn with an indoor pool), Metairie, Slidell are nice areas and probably a little less expensive than New Olreans. Also, wildlife center about an hour north of New orleans is awesome. There is a YogiBear Camp ground in Robert LA near the wildlife center that is a nice place to stay. Enjoy yourself.


I forgot to say the camp ground has cabins with kitchens you can cook your own food. And when you eat out ask the locals where to eat that’s kid friendly. THE BEST and most inexpensive food are local family owned restaurants.


I think the recommendation to find a hotel in Kenner is a good one. Audubon Park and Zoo is an obvious choice for toddlers. The Zoo did not take extensive Katrina damage and my boys loved it at that age. City Park had extensive damage and flooding and they are only now getting the damage fixed. Aquarium of the Americas is good for kids that age. I haven’t been to the Children’s Museum so can’t comment on that.

With little ones you want sights and sounds. If you are in the French Quarter around 10 or 11 (you’ld have to check the times), the steamboat Natchez leaves upriver from Jackson Square. You can watch the spectacle from the Moon Walk across the levee from Jackson Square. The cathedral bells toll the hour and the Natchez has a steam calliope which is played. Actually, just sitting on the benches at the Moon Walk is a nice activity. You can see the ferries crossing the river and the ships passing up and down the river. (They’re just too young for this but a cheap thrill is taking the ferry across the river to Algiers and back).

Cafe du Monde - without a doubt. The kids can have hot chocolate and beignets. Show’em how to dunk. I’m not certain if the French Market has fully reopened or not but the sights and smells are memorable.

The St. Charles streetcar line is not fully reopened but it is partially operating. Nice trip for little ones.

Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World across the river in Algiers. Mardi Gras floats…

If they were a little older I could recommend far more but this is pretty much what I took my two to when they were that age.


Rivertown in kenner is excellent. They have museums ( including a Mardi Gras Museum) and a planterium that’s awesome. They are on a smaller scale and kid friendly.


I second most of those recommendations. I’ve thrown in some links.

Audubon Park and the Aquarium of the Americas. You can get a ticket for both and get a steamboat ride from one to the other.
City Park is open and has rides and attractions suitable for small children. Once you’re in the French Quarter or downtown, you can take the Canal Street Streetcar straight to the park.
Zephyrs AAA Minor League Baseball. The baseball park is out near the airport so if you book in town it will be a bit of a trip.
Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World.
Louisiana Children’s Museum. I’ve never been there either, but here’s the link.
Six Flags-New Orleans, which decades ago used to be Pontchatrain Beach, is still closed. I’m not sure whether it will reopen.

In the French Quarter, you can take carriage rides with the children. You can hail them in front of Jackson Square facing the river. Also, there are Catholic churches throughout the French Quarter and Warehouse District. You can use to get the schedules. Lastly, try to make your plans for Tuesday through Sunday. Very few tourist attractions are open on Mondays.



Well I went on down
to the Audobon Zoo
And they all asked for you

They all asked for you
Well they even inquired about ya.

I enthusiastically recommend the Audobon Zoo. Also the park (maybe city park?) with nursery rhyme themes.


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