Identify the heresy


Did I miss out? What the heck is the my little pony mass?


An infamous setting of the Mass that sounds exactly like the My Little Pony theme song. Compare them for yourself:


Wow! :flushed: That’s a no for me.


It’s a beautiful hymn, not heretical in the least, but I have to say it sounds (to me) a lot like an Entrance hymn. The phrase “receive the food” in the context does not make it a Eucharistic hymn.


On further reflection, I think I understand the OP’s point. The hymn seems to revolve around Word, not in any figurative sense but in the literal sense of speaking, teaching, understanding, promises, plans, authority, and truth. These elements by themselves might suggest the primacy of Scripture and ring alarm bells, as the OP wrote.

But they do not stand alone or even take center stage. Rather, the hymn weaves in many other aspects of Christian living, like faith/belief, acts/deeds, love, purity of mind and heart, our call to holiness, the power of grace, and, at the very end, the mission and ultimate oneness of the church.

The hymn doesn’t cover all of Catholicism, but there is a lot in it that is Catholic. I like it.

Thanks, Deacon Jeff, for posting those verses.


Christ is the word for Messiah. How is saying Jesus was the Messiah deny his divinity? Peter was called blessed for the word, “Thou art the Christ.”


You don’t understand my point.

There was a school of thought, that became a heresy, that Jesus was not fully Divine. These people theorised Jesus was human and only the adopted son of God, a prophet, Jesus was some kind of mystic God worked through, any number of heresies were at work about Jesus not being Divine.

Now they said, because of this , Jesus , being human and not divine, that Mary could not possibly be the mother of God, of a divine being. Mary was only the mother of Christ. Mary was the mother of a human that people rejected as the Son Of God
Christ was the name given at that time to the resurrected Jesus. But people were still working out what this really meant.

So a Council got together and declared Mary the Mother of God. Mary was the mother of a divine being. As well as a human.


They sing the Dan Schutte Glory at my local Newman center all the time. It sounds fine and is a good pick for one piano and two college girls without voice training needing to lead the singing.

It’s also very nice for any children’s Mass where the kids are singing it.


I think nowadays Catholics think of Christ as being the same as Jesus who is definitely God, so the distinction between “Christ” and “God” doesn’t ring a bell with us today the same way as it did back when there was an actual debate over the divinity of Jesus.

Therefore, a Catholic today who wasn’t schooled in theological history would see “Mother of Christ” as equivalent to “Mother of God”.


I remember the masses of my childhood well. We sang hymns we had practiced through the week. Some were traditional others were contemporary kids songs. Our music teacher provided the musical accompaniment. They couldn’t pay the church musician to come in weekly. Sister didn’t play the piano, so it was just her and her guitar. :slightly_smiling_face:

She is still living. Very old and very sick, but still living. She was/is a good holy woman. May God bless her and keep her.


Yes, I am sure. We all do.
However, the reference was specifically about just that. The heresy. In a group of people declaring Mary the mother of Christ and not God, they were deliberately rejecting the Divinity of Jesus.

And we must be extremely exact in our terminology, and teach others the why, who what and how.

Mary is the Mother of God, as declared by a 5th Century Council.

Mary also requires her rightful place in giving birth to the Word Incarnate.

There is a modern day heresy we must be very careful not to fall into, monositism. And it has to do with Jesus fully human nature being denied or not accepted.

We must keep our eyes on the fact that Jesus is fully Human and fully Divine. And teach this to others with no excuses. No leniency. Otherwise the same heresies besetting the Early Church will settle to roost again.

Education, not ignorance in these matters. Looking at a few other threads, there are people who do not realise Jesus was incarnate with a fully human nature.
Is that a result of poor education? Poor catechism? A reluctance to accept a human was tortured, crucified and died. And it did matter.
Rather then people thinking and saying it didn’t matter because Jesus is God.

We teach people the real fact of consecration and what the Eucharist is.
We must, by the same token, teach other things, like Mary is the mother of God.

Christ, simply means in Jewish, the anointed one. The anointed of the Lord. Priests and kings were anointed.
@bartholemew might say more about the use of the word.


I don’t really understand what your objection is considering the OP said that the title “Mother of Christ” was anathema and mentioned the council.


Indeed, anruari said it first, said it well, AND connected it to the topic of the thread, in Post #4:

All subsequent posts regarding the title “Mother of Christ” have taken it off topic.


The focus of this thread is too much on the “can” and not on the “should.”

The issue involved in the various examples given is what the old theological censure of sapiens haeresim/errorem was for. As the Catholic Encyclopedia describes it, it was defined as follows:

Propositions thus noted may be correct in themselves, but owing to various circumstances of time, place, and persons, are prudently taken to present a signification which is either heretical or erroneous.

I could see how using a Presbyterian song about being fed by the word in that way as a Communion hymn could lead those listening to the wrong idea and why, in light of the fact that “love always protects”, it should be prudently excluded.

The counter-argument is that in the context of a Catholic Mass, it would be natural to give it an orthodox interpretation.

But there are so many other solidly Catholic hymns to chose from without the potential for this issue, that while this hymn “can” be used, there’s no reason it “should” be used.

That being said, this type of pastoral approach has generally been long abandoned, so I wouldn’t expect any changes.


I can’t the get the My Little Pony theme song out of my head everything time I hear Schutte’s version. I’m glad the few parishes that used to sign it by me have all stopped. It’s major distraction for me.

And, I honestly, get bugged every time I hear any of Schutte’s hymns at mass. It really bothers me that he’s an ex-priest who left the priesthood and is “married” to a man, yet still allowed to be proudly featured by select Catholic Hymnals.


To spread such gossip is a sin. It’s either rash judgement, detraction, or calumny.


The only thing that concerns me about his music is that I don’t like it. If we choose all of our music from only the morally pure, faithful Catholics, we’ll be losing a lot of powerful hymns.


To call our Blessed Mother the “Mother of Christ” is certainly not a heresy. It would be a heresy to use that title in such a way as to deny that She is the Mother of God.

Read through the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Roman Ritual

Holy Mary, pray for us.* (After each invocation: “Pray for us.”)

Holy Mother of God,

Holiest of all virgins,

Mother of Christ,

Mother of God’s gift to men,

Mother, all pure,

Mother, all chaste,

Mother inviolate,

Mother undefiled,

&c. &c.

I count 49 different titles in that Litany. There are many, many different titles of the Blessed Mother in the Church’s calendar.

Using one title does not, in any way, deny that She is the Mother of God.


I’m sorry you have such a problem with Schutte’s music. It’s never bothered me in the 40 years I’ve been listening to it. Plus, the way things are going I thank God that I have a Mass near me that I can attend, and I don’t let myself get hung up over what song people sing or all the other externals that people on here seem to focus on ad infnitum.


Thank you, Father.

I swear there are people who seem to find a purported “heresy” under every bush.

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