Identifying as an Eastern rite Catholic


I’ve decided to come home to the Catholic Church as an Eastern rite Catholic and I hope to one day officially convert.


Awesome news! I’ve recently been learning about Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism, and I feel that’s my best bet.


Wonderful! May God grant you many years! :hugs::grinning:


Thanks be to God! :smiley:


Praise God!!!





Isn’t the Melkite Church Byzantine rite?


Very cool! I don’t think there are nearly enough Eastern Catholics.


Yes it is.


What do you mean come home, and then officially convert?

You mean you want to be Eastern rite but haven’t officially decided to convert yet?

But cool!


The Melkite Church is Byzantine rite. One of fourteen.



As I understand it - he’s in a country where there are few/no Catholics , he’s underage so can do nothing without parental permission.

As yet as I understand things, he has not spoken or been in contact with a priest - all his information comes from folk like you and me - unknown people on the Internet


Melkite Byzantine.


Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say the Melkite Rite is part of the Byzantine Catholic Church?


Yeah, I suppose.


No. There is no Melkite rite, but there is a Melkite Catholic Church, which worships using the Byzantine rite.


Melkite Church which is part of the Byzantine rite.



Thanks be to God! This is how the wounds in the body of Christ will be healed and unity achieved. One soul at a time.


There is no Byzantine Catholic Church. However, here in the USA it’s common to see that name on Church signs…it’s typically refers to the Ruthenian Church. I am in the camp that would love to see all the Eastern Catholic churches (the ones who use the Byzaninte Rite )here in North America unite and form the Byzantine Catholic Church of America…similar to what the OCA is I guess. Of course this would require bishops giving up their titles and a bunch of other things that I’m sure would ruffle everyone’s feathers. But I think it would be the best thing for the future of these Churches over here.


No; very much not so.

Itr would be correct, rather, to say that the majority of the Eastern Catholic Churches, including the Melkites, are of the Byzantine rite.

“The church formerly known as RuUthenian.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

In all seriousness, the Metropolia of Pittsburgh no longer has “Ruthenian” in its name.

That was tried early on, after the troubles with the RC bishops. Still ethnic, the bishops of different churches treated the other ethnics poorly. Mean while, RC bishops still treated other RC. ethnicities poorly, too.

Today, it might work. Pittsburgh has completely given up on being an ethnic church. At a clergy conference, our bishop at the time double-underlined “The Ruthenian immigration is over” in the materials . . . English is our liturgical language. These days, Ruthenians are distinctly in ther minority in our parishes, at least in the West, and the old rust-belt parishes are closing as people move out of town.


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