Identifying as an Eastern rite Catholic


You won’t believe this, but the first son of a priest I met from Eastern Europe was actually my work colleague. He had fallen away from going to church. So after numerous lengthy conversations about how the faith was lived in his own country, for some reason (I’ll never be able to explain why) he decided to come to mass with me :slight_smile:

And I saw him honestly return to the faith, and it was brilliant :slight_smile: One thing that still strikes me was taking him around introducing him to folks -even to the priests and nuns- at my parish saying:“he’s a son of a priest back in their country”. And that was just unprecedented in so many ways, I still laugh every time I think about it. :slight_smile:


Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? lol!:rofl:

I’m a member of the UGCC and if I recall correctly, it’s still pretty ethnic in a lot of places…my parish is a unique community though…we don’t’ have that ethnic tie as none of us has Ukrainian ancestry. We’re all converts of some sort :slight_smile:

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