IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some


Jews aren’t heathens.

They are still the sons of Abraham, it’s through them that we participate in the promises of the old covenant.

They killed Christ, but without that we’d never have had salvation through his death and resurrection.

I’ll take them over muslims any day of the week.

Iran has been complicit in the deaths of many of our servicemen in Iraq.


Israel has every right to defend itself from hostilities, including neutralizing hostile forces near its borders.


Actually Israel has attacked Syrian military bases just recently.

Whether Iran launched 20 rockets at Israel before Israel bombed them in Syria, is not clear.

However, the victors in this are the ISIS rebels, who are making a comeback after Trump stopped supporting the Kurds, after being pressured from Turkey.

Of course cancelling the deal with Iran doesn’t help, but it’s what Netanyahu wanted and Trump is willing to help him.



There’s no evidence of a comeback and Trump is to thank for changing the Rules of Engagement, allowing the ISIS presence and infrastructure to be crushed by U.S. and allied forces in the region. To date, Israel has never used Chemical Weapons on civilians, a tactic fully supported by Iranian and Russian policy and bad actors. Yet, the antisemites around the world continue to decry any effort of Israel to protect itself against existential treats. But trust me. If Israel continues to be attacked and treated, then things are just starting. I’d expect a major escalation with clashes between conventional ground troops on both sides by early June if peace efforts fail. So let us pray a peaceful solution may be found.


Do other countries, say North Korea, have a right to “neutralize hostile forces near its borders”?


That’s up to them, isn’t it? You might note that the reason their border does not extend further south into free South Korea is because North Korean hostilities were halted by the U.S. and allied forces some time ago. But there remains one big question. How will NOKO be made safe for democracy?


The obvious answer is no, someone who doesn’t like you being near your border isn’t a justification for firing on them.



Old news from a bad source is always delightful. Do you have any headlines from WWII? Might bring back memories for the Old Colonel. :sunglasses:


Don’t you think that’s a bit hateful?


It’s only a month old and the New Yorker isn’t a bad news source.

Distrusting the mainstream media is the strategy created by Putin to divide and conquer democracy. Congratulations for being part of it.



The Chem attack happened after that. So, very, very old news. I’d hardly call TNY mainstream. But maybe Putin likes The New Yorker. Russian Dossier? Lefty Magazines? What’s the difference? Democrats pay good money for it.


The Chem attack wasn’t verified that it was indeed the Syrian’s.

In fact, they discovered a Rebel Storage site with chemical weapons

But US policy is, bomb the crap out of them and seek the truth after.



Its no different than when we used to launch punitive excursions into Mexico


If we were smart we’d just let Israel annex Syria.

But we’re not smart.


What happened to Trump’s campaign promise, “Let the Russians Handle It?”

Remember when he said President Obama did the right thing in not attacking Syria after the first gas attack ?



It’s almost like after becoming President he had access to more information than he did before and smartly changed his opinion on the matter when presented with compelling information that his previous stance was erroneous.


So the rebels attacked themselves? I suppose reality is what you make of it. Right? Maybe the U.S. Navy attacked Pearl Harbor back in '41.




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